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2 car garages, 24x24 two car garage

                                 24x24 Vinyl 2 Car Garage

2 Car Garages come with 10-4x4 pressure treated foundation skids or without a floor. It is your choice when ordering 2 car garages made of vinyl or wood. The two car garages come with a 3/4" plywood floor with 12" on center joists. The walls & roof are made with 2x4 studs 16" on center with 1/2" plywood sidewalls. With our 2 car garages we offer a 40 year metal roof or 30 year architectural shingles. In addition, our 2 car garages have felt paper & ridge vent 2-9x7 garage doors with steel diamond plates to help protect the floor. We also provide a single door and 4 2'x3' size windows with shutters. The choice in size of a two car garage depends upon the storage needs of a customer.

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Alan's Factory Outlet prefab 2 car garage orders are made by the Amish. All of our prefab 2 car garage orders are delivered on a truck and trailer to your home. A customer’s prefab 2 car garage is assembled and ready for you to enjoy. There are options if you prefer a larger size of two car garage. 2 story buildings are also a nice option to double your floor space.

Shoppers appreciate our two car garage selection for several reasons. First, they know that our two car garages provide vehicles with protection from harmful weather conditions. Also, a double car garage allows homeowners to have more room in their driveway for visitors’ cars. The size of a two car garage provides homeowners with plenty of space for their cars as well as some yard equipment and other necessary items. Not surprisingly, the size of a two car garage can be appealing to a homeowner who only owns one vehicle. Many of our customers know that car garages can store a lot more than just cars. Customers also appreciate our 2 car garage kits for their reasonable prices. Our two car garage door prices remain the same even if a customer doesn’t choose to include a floor in the purchase. Customers appreciate the price and quality of our two car garages. They also appreciate being able to choose the size of two car garage that fulfills their needs.

Not only are our two car garages affordable, but they are attractive as well. Our 2 car garage kits are available in a variety of colors and designs. The two car garage dimensions depend on the needs of each customer. Our car garages can coordinate with other outdoor buildings on a piece of property. Our car garages can even complement the colors of a customer’s home! Customers have the opportunity to choose from a selection of two car garage kits that can suit their size and color preferences. Some customers place an order based on two car garage size. They know how much storage space they need for the vehicles and other items. Other customers choose a double car garage for its unique color and design. They want to improve the look of their property. Many of our customers know that a double car garage can be both useful and decorative. Of course, there is also a wide choice in size of two car garage orders.

Some of our customers use their 2 car garage kits for items other than cars. For instance, a customer may purchase one of our two car garage kits to store a car and the family’s collection of bicycles. Two car garage kits can keep the wind, rain, and snow away from an expensive car as well as expensive bicycles. In addition, the size of 2 car garage is also perfect for storing a car alongside a gathering of expensive carpentry tools. A two car garage size storage area is also ideal for storing gardening tools, yard equipment, and bags of fertilizer. The size of 2 car garage is perfect for someone with one car who needs more storage space. A two car garage size can also accommodate several boxes if there is only one car parked inside. Undoubtedly, the size of 2 car garages can be perfect for someone who needs a bit of storage space alongside his or her car.

wood siding 2 car garages with glass in garage door







Two car garage dimensions can be upgraded from a 4"x4" base to a 6"x6" base with tow hooks. Consequently, the 2 car garage can be transported without a floor and placed on a concrete slab as shown below. Two car garage door prices are the same with or without a floor. A customer can choose two car garage dimensions to suit their storage needs.

modular two car garage with custom vinyl siding






Our 2 car garage orders are custom built in the size and color that best suits you. With our two car garage orders you have the opportunity to pick the location of the 4 windows and single door. If you do not wish to have garage doors just swap them for single or double doors. Many other options are available when a customer orders a two car garage.

We offer a 2nd level with the modular 2 car garage orders for people who require more storage space. Also, we have two story sheds available in a-frame or barn roof. Single wide wooden garages or vinyl garages are alternatives to our two car garage kits. Alan's Factory Outlet also has a board batten two car garage, cedar garages and metal 2 car garages and metal 2 car carports.

At Alan’s Factory Outlet the quality of our products combined with our two car garage door prices is what keeps customers coming back!

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