Horse Barn Prices and Colors

Bookmark this page as the ultimate place to buy horse barns. Prices here at Alan’s Factory Outlet offer the best possible deal for your money, including free delivery for 30 counties in the state of Virginia and delivery options for many other locations. We also offer the best selection in terms of color availability. Where else can you find horse barn prices that include so many customizable options?

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Board & Batten Horse Barns
1 Stall Horse Barn 2 Stall Horse Barns 3 Stall Horse Barns 4 Stall Horse Barns
10x10 $3,436 10x20 $6,825 10x30 $9,877 10x40 $12,600
10x12 $4,125 10x24 $7,973 10x36 $11,066 10x48 $14,077
10x14 $4,806 10x28 $8,974 10x42 $12,370 12x40 $15,339
12x12 $5,110 12x20 $8,416 12x30 $11,599 12x48 $16,980
12x14 $5,914 12x24 $9,798 12x36 $13,050    
    12x28 $10,970 12x42 $14,569    
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Board & Batten Run-in Sheds
8' Run-ins 10' Run-ins 12' Run-ins
8x8 $1,722 10x10 $2,345 12x12 $3,436
8x10 $2,141 10x12 $2,813 12x14 $3,994
8x12 $2,592 10x14 $3,281 12x16 $4,569
8x14 $3,002 10x16 $3,749 12x18 $5,142
8x16 $3,436 10x18 $4,216 12x20 $5,717
8x18 $3,863 10x20 $4,683 12x22 $6,119
8x20 $4,289 10x22 $5,036 12x24 $6,530
8x22 $4,602 10x24 $5,389 12x26 $6,939
8x24 $4,913 10x26 $5,750 12x28 $7,350
8x26 $5,233 10x28 $6,094 12x30 $7,752
8x28 $5,545 10x30 $6,455 12x32 $8,161
8x30 $5,864 10x32 $6,816 12x34 $8,564
8x32 $6,177 10x34 $7,161 12x36 $8,966
8x34 $6,497 10x36 $7,522 12x38 $9,375
8x36 $6,808 10x38 $7,866 12x40 $9,786
10x40 $8,219 12x42 $10,196
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Horse Barn Options:

Stain $2.00

Gable Vent $100/ea

Ridge Vent $9/ft

Window $150

Window w/ Grill $250

3’ Door $300

Dutch Door $400

Cupola $300

Weathervane $150

4’ Feeder w/ Hayrack $250

Architectural Shingles  1.00 sq/ft



6’ Tack Room $1395 and 8’ Tack Room $1860

Tack Room Specs:

  • Tack Rooms add to the length & total size of building
  • 3x7 Entry Door and 1 Window
  • 2’ Swinging Door going from Tack to Stall
  • 2x8 Tongue & Groove Plank Floor, 4x6 P.T. Joists

Run in Sheds Specs: 

  • Metal Roof or 25 Year Shingles

  • Eastern White Pine Board & Batten Siding, Oak Framing

  • 4’ High Oak Kickboard
  • Pressure Treated 6x6 Base with Corner Tow Hooks 

Horse Barns Specs:  

  • Metal Insulated Roof or 25 Year Shingles

  • Eastern White Pine Board & Batten Siding with Oak Framing

  • 4x7 Dutch Door with 1 Window with Grill

  • 4’ High Oak Kickboard with Chew Guards

  • 2 & 3 Stall Horse Barns come with Divider Walls w/ Metal Grills

  • Pressure Treated 6x6 Base with Corner Tow Hooks

You can add a tack room to either a run in shed or horse barn and the horse barns or run in sheds can be added

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Horse Barns Metal Roof and Stain Colors

Alan’s Factory Outlet offers a wide range of color choices. Horse barn colors include options for the metal roof as well as wood stain. We can offer you a full range of horse barn colors, with 19 metal roof colors and four stain options. Available roof colors include 9 neutrals plus Brite White, Black, Slate Blue, Evergreen or Red. Asphalt shingles are also available for your horse barn. Optional stains for the wooden areas of your horse barn come in four different shades. You won’t find horse barn prices anywhere else with this many color choices. Refer to the catalog images above for a full list of available horse barn colors in addition to the range of barn prices and structural options.

metal roof horse barn colorshorse barn stain color options

Optional Shingle Colors for the Prefab Horse Barns

modular horse barn shingle colors

Keep your horses safe and secure in one of our attractive, sturdy and long-lasting horse barns. Prices for these barns are reasonable and a great deal for the solid construction you’ll enjoy. The horse barn prices are subject to change without notice, so call us for the most up to date information to meet your needs.

Our custom-built heavy-duty wooden horse barns come in several styles and can be configured however you like at a range of reasonable barn prices, depending on your unique needs as a horse owner. At our current barn prices, we have run in sheds as well as modular horse barns that can be set up with a tack room or stall according to your preference. In addition, 2 story horse barns can also be custom-built for your site. With a 2 story horse barn, there is a storage area overhead that provides extra space for hay or other supplies.

The horse barn prices now included free delivery to 30 local counties in VA and 8 counties in WV  
The Amish built horse barns are only delivered in two states of Virginia and West Virginia.  

Call us today for more information about horse barn prices and options!

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