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More Payment Options at Alan's Factory Outlet on Amish Buildings


Storage Sheds, Prefab Garages, Gazebo, Horse Barns, Metal Carports

More Payment Options available at Alan's Factory Outlet on all Amish Buildings, Wooden & Vinyl Structures, Storage Buildings, Garages, 2 Story Garages, Horse Barns, Gazebos, Gazebo Kits, Steel Buildings and Metal Carports.  Alan's Factory Outlet now accepts all major credit cards for your convenience including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  All major credit cards can be given over the phone or in person.  Personal and Business Checks are also accepted.

Alan's Factory Outlet also accepts PayPal.  With PayPal you can use any of the major credit cards or you can pay directly through your checking account. 

Looking for Financing?  At Alan's Factory Outlet we refer people to American General for financing.  What we like about American General is they give you 3 different ways to apply for Financing. 

  • online
  • by phone
  • in person 

Another option for Financing is your local bank.  In many cases you have built a relationship over the years with your bank so you may get a better interest rate.

Alan's Factory Outlet is located at 643 West Main St. Luray, VA. 22835.  Alan's Factory Outlet is located in Page County which is in the Shenandoah Valley.  Alan's Factory Outlet not only serves all of Virginia and West Virginia but all of the Lower 48 States in the USA.                 

Storage Sheds Are Not All Built The Same


Storage Sheds, Storage Buildings

Not all Storage Sheds are built the same.  Alan's Factory Outlet Storage Sheds are available in Wood, Vinyl, Board & Batten, Cedar and Log Siding.  Wooden Duratemp T1-11 Siding Storage Sheds are one of the Most Popular Storage Sheds due to the fact that they are very durable, the most economical Storage Sheds, low maintenance as far as they come painted and do not have to be painted again until about 10 years.  Wooden Storage Sheds come in many different sizes and styles.  Vinyl Storage Sheds are a great alternative if you want a Building that will never need to be painted.  All Vinyl Sheds have 1/2" Plywood interior with a Vinyl exterior.  All of Alan's Factory Outlet Storage Sheds are Amish Built.  Here is some information about Alan's Factory Outlet Storage Sheds to help you be an informed Customer. 


Alan's Factory Outlet Wooden Storage Sheds VS Other Companies Wood Storage Sheds

  1. 25 Year Duratemp T1-11 Siding VS OSB Siding
  2. 1/2" Plywood Roof VS OSB Roof
  3. 5 Pressure Treated Runners on 10' Wides VS 4 Pressure Treated Runners (5th Middle Runner Extra Money)
  4. 5/8" Plywood Floor VS OSB Floor
  5. 16" On Center 2"x4" Sidewalls & Roof trusses VS 24" On Center
  6. Double 2"x4" Top Plates VS Double 1"x4" or Single 2"x4"
  7. 2"x4" Bottom Plate VS 1"x4" Bottom Plate
  8. Reinforced Double Doors VS Double Doors Not reinforced
  9. Wood Trim VS Metal Trim (Wood Trim Extra Money)
  10. 2 Gable Vents VS No Gable Vents (Vents Extra Money)
  11. 2 Windows w/Shutters on most styles VS 1 Window No Shutters (2nd Window & Shutters Extra Money)
  12. Storage Sheds are Painted VS Not Painted (Painted Extra Money)
  13. 25 Year Shingles VS 20 Year Shingles
  14. 2"x4" Framing VS 2"x3" Framing
  15. Nails Used for all 2"x4" Framing VS Staples
  16. Free Local Delivery on all Sizes VS Delivery Fee and Escort Fee
  17. Can View Storage Buildings at Physical Location & Online VS Only Online
Alan's Factory Outlet also has 2 Story Storage Buildings and Double Wide Storage Sheds.

Why Order Your Storage Shed at Alan's Factory Outlet?


Amish Sheds, Storage Sheds, Garages







Why order your Storage Shed, Garage, 2 Story Building, Horse Barn, Gazebo and Carport at Alan's Factory Outlet?  Alan's Factory Outlet has a physical location where you can look and walk through the different Storage Sheds and Garages.  Seeing is believing, you get a better idea of what is going to work for you in terms of size, style and options.  Many of our customers have said this makes a huge difference to be able to see the quality, sizes and styles of buildings as well as having that face to face interaction with us.  Our customers know that if they need anything they can hop in their car and come talk with us in person.  We are here for you.

Alan's Factory Outlet is unique because we are locally Owned and Operated by Alan Bernau Jr & Wife, Julie Bernau.

Alan Bernau Jr, Julie Bernau, Alan's Factory Outlet Luray VAWe have been blessed with the opportunity to help people with their Storage Needs for the past 7 years.  So when you get a Building at Alan's Factory Outlet you not only get a Great Quality Building at a Fair Price with Friendly Service but You also get Alan and Julie who have made this their life's work. 

One of our goals at Alan's Factory Outlet is the "Golden Rule" to treat others how we would like to be treated.  At Alan's Factory Outlet we are determined to give you the very best quality and service at a fair price.  

Metal Carports and Steel Carport at Alan's Factory Outlet


Metal CarportsMetal Carports and Steel Carports at Alan's Factory Outlet come in many different sizes and styles.  The Metal Carport in the video below is a 12'x21' Regular Barn Roof Carport.  Carports come standard with 5' Legs.  The Legs in the Carport below has 6' Legs.  Steel Carports can be ordered with up to 12' legs depending on your needs for the Carport.  Another option shown in the carport is J-Trim which is the side trim on both sides.  All Carports are anchored to you level land for free.  An optional Mobile Home anchor can be added to any of the metal carports.  Center Snow Braces are standard on all Carports along with Free Corner wind braces.  Additional Braces can be added.  

Metal Carports can be partially closed or fully closed and turned into a Steel Building or Metal Garage.  The Roof is 29 gauge sheeting which comes in your choice of 13 different colors.  The Steel Tubing is 14 gauge tubing and can be built with a thicker 12 gauge tubing.

Metal Carports include Free Delivery and Free Set-up on your property.  Carports come in three different roof lines.  The Regular Barn style carport, A-Frame carport and the New Vertical Carport. 

Please feel free to watch the Video of the Metal Carport below.

Wooden Sheds


The Wooden Storage Shed in the video below is a 10x20 Wood Dutch Barn.  All Alan's Factory Outlet 10' Wide Wooden Storage Sheds are standard with 5' Double Doors, 2 Large 2'x3' Windows with Shutters, a Diamond Plate at the threshold is optional, 5 Pressure Treated 4"x4" Foundation Runners with 2"x4" Upright Joists on top of the Foundation Runners, with a 5/8" Plywood Floor, Sidewall and Roof trusses are 2"x4" 16" On Center.  Sidewalls are painted with Duratemp Wood Siding which has a 25 year warranty.  1/2" Plywood Roof with 25 Year Shingles.  Glue nails are used to secure the Wooden Siding to the 2"x4" to give a more secure hold on the Wooden Sheds.

Click Here For a Free Color Brochure of the different style wooden sheds available.

All of Alan's Factory Outlet Wooden Sheds are custom Built by the Amish in the size, style and color that best suits you.  You get to choice the layout of the Doors and Windows.

You can find additional information at Wooden Sheds or Call us at 540-743-1272.  View Alan's Factory Outlet Display Lot of Wooden Sheds at 643 West Main St. Luray, VA. 22835.

Please feel free to share a comment you may have about Wooden Sheds.  Thank you, Alan

Amish Storage Sheds & Prefab Garages Delivered to Your Home


Amish Sheds, Storage Sheds Amish Sheds, Storage Sheds, Storage Buildings









Purchase quality, durable and attractive prefab storage buildings that are made just for you! Alan's Factory Outlet sells Amish Storage Sheds, Prefab Garages, and prefab storage shed kits that are delivered to your home. These Amish Sheds are delivered straight from the Amish Factory to You. The prefabricated storage sheds are built in a variety of sizes to fit your needs no matter how small or big they are. The storage sheds are custom-built in the size, style, layout and colors you want. After a stress-free order has been placed online, your prefab storage shed will be delivered quickly.

The Amish Sheds and Prefab Garages are ready for you to begin using right away once delivered with no extra work or hassle! Preparing for the prefabricated storage shed requires very little work. For Most Storage Sheds and Prefab Garages you will want to have 15' Wide clearance for the Truck and Trailer to be able to back in and place the Building where you want it. You will also want to make sure you have at least 13' height clearance. The Truck and Trailer is approximately 50' long so you will want to have 50' in front of where the Shed or garage will be placed. Once the truck and trailer is in the location where you want the building or any of our prefab storage shed kits to go the hydraulic trailer is tilted up and the building slides off the trailer onto your property. It doesn't take long to place your prefab storage shed when the lot is prepared the proper way.

The shed picture above is a great example of a gravel pad. A Gravel pad is the ideal foundation for most buildings, especially prefab storage buildings. The benefit of gravel is that is offers drainage for your building. Gravel is not required but is recommended. However, you will want to have a level area for your storage shed or prefab garage so the Doors open and shut properly. If you put down gravel you will want to have your gravel pad be 2' wider and 2' longer than the size of your building. This gravel border helps prevent dirt from splashing up on the storage building. Once a place is cleared and ready, prefab storage shed kits are easy to use and will save you money and time.

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