10x12 Metal or Wood Storage Sheds


A little extra space in your yard is pretty much always a useful thing. When you use some of your yard for a high-quality storage shed, you can maximize the amount of sheltered space you have to keep important possessions or enjoy a favorite hobby. It’s important, though, to make sure that you’re purchasing the right size shed to suit both your needs and your available space. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we have a wide selection of shed sizes, including popular 10x12 storage sheds for sale. When you buy a 10x12 shed for sale here, you can trust that you are getting a structure of the finest quality and craftsmanship at a great price. You can even customize the look of your new 10x12 shed to suit your preferences.

Considerations Before Buying a 10x12 Shed Kit

When buying a garden shed in 12x10 size, you’ll want to consider a few things first, including the potential need for building and other permits. Because of its size, a 10x12 storage shed may be small enough not to require a building permit in some areas. Check with your local government, though, as laws vary from state to state and even county to county.

Once it has been confirmed whether 10x12 sheds in your area require a permit, consider the best location to place the shed. You’ll need an area large enough to accommodate a shed, and you’ll also want to choose an area that isn’t overly shady and that drains well. If you’re buying a prefab shed, you’ll also need to make sure that there’s enough clearance for us to deliver your shed. If our truck and trailer won’t fit, you’ll need to buy a 10x12 shed kit from us rather than a prefab structure.

Choosing From Our 10x12 Shed Plans

One of the biggest decisions that you’ll need to make is whether to buy a 10x12 wood shed, a vinyl structure, or a metal one. With a wood shed, you have several different paint and shingle color choices to choose from. Style options include:

  • Dormer sheds
  • A-frame sheds
  • Quaker sheds
  • Sheds with a porch
  • Barn-style sheds

Wood sheds, with the exception of the mini barn style, also come with two windows. Customers who are interested in vinyl or metal sheds may also order them in this size; however, metal sheds in this smaller size must be ordered by special request. Metal 10x12 sheds also come with the option for windows, are available in 13 colors, and are built on site. Our metal 10x12 storage sheds for sale offer solid protection against severe weather, and because they are bolted down, they may also provide greater structural security.

What Can You Fit in a 10x12 Shed?

A 10x12 shed is fairly small, but it can still hold a lawn tractor or an ATV. You can also use a 10x12 metal shed to safely store a motorcycle. If you’re looking to create a little getaway for yourself, you can even fit a twin bed, nightstand, and small fridge in one of these sheds, or you could add a couch and a TV and create a “fan cave” for the big game.

A 10x12 storage building or shed can serve a lot of purposes, whether you’re using it as a tool shed or a garden shed. A 12x10 space may be just what is needed to meet your gardening needs! It can be useful for storing gardening supplies such as lawn mowers and tillers, but the gardener in the family may prefer to use the space for potting or planting seedlings instead. A shed of this size also can free up space in your home by providing outside storage for rarely used or seasonal items. A 10x12 shed for sale can be great for storing recreational equipment such as bicycles or pool toys.

Regardless of what it is used for, keeping your 10x12 shed clean and organized is critical to getting the maximum amount of use from it. Consider using hanging baskets, shelving, peg boards, and other storage and organizing tools to make the space more efficient.

How Much Does a 10x12 Storage Shed Cost?

Our 10x12 storage shed prices vary depending on the style and material: The cost for a 10x12 wood storage shed is between $2,351 and $3,250, and a vinyl 10x12 shed costs between $2,795 and $3,365.

When you’re ready to order a wood, vinyl, or metal 10x12 storage shed, Alan’s Factory Outlet is here to help you get what you need at the right price. Place your order online today, or give us a call and let us help you with your order. Either way, we look forward to serving you.