10x20 Portable Garages, Storage Sheds, & Buildings


Outdoor buildings can make a wonderful and useful addition to any home environment. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we sell a host of outdoor buildings such as sheds and garages. Here on our website, customers can browse and read about the buildings that we have for sale, including the different styles and sizes. One of our most common sizes of shed is the 10x20 storage building. Our customers find that the 10x20 shed is a good size for most yards and is large enough to offer versatility in its uses. When you need a quality 10x20 shed for sale prices, you can trust us to have exactly what you need.

A 10x20 storage shed can be useful in any number of ways, including as a shed in which to store items. Sheds of this size can potentially take care of a family’s need for extra useable space and help protect items from damage caused by rain, snow, and the hot sun. In addition to prefab sheds, we also sell 10x20 portable garage structures as well. These structures can hold small vehicles as well as items that are traditionally kept within a garage such as automotive tools, recreational equipment, gardening supplies, and miscellaneous items from around the home and yard. Both our garages and sheds are available in wood, vinyl, or metal.

The style or type of building that you use will be based on personal preference. People who choose to buy a wood structure are making a popular choice that is authentic and natural in appearance. Wood sheds are available in various shingle and paint colors and can be customized. A vinyl 10x20 storage shed is another option that is available to our customers. These long-lasting sheds require very minimal maintenance. Like with their wood counterpart, customers have a variety of colors to choose from; however, repainting isn’t necessary, as it will not fade or warp. Buy a metal shed or garage and you’ll get a structure that is sturdy and structurally secure. It, too, requires very little maintenance and provides maximum protection for the items that are kept inside. One of the main benefits of a 10x20 metal storage shed is that it will often be cheaper than a wooden one of the same size.

A 10x20 shed is good for a number of uses in addition to traditional storage. For some people, a shed of this size is perfect to convert into an extra room such as an office space, a play room for the kids, a craft or hobby room, an art room, or a video game/gaming room. When 10x20 sheds are used for work or recreational purposes, chances are good that you’ll want to run electricity out to the unit to power lights, for example. This will require a permit or license, so you will want to check with your local building agency. In fact, prior to installing a garage or storage building on your property, you will need to check to see if a building permit is required and investigate zoning regulations. Once your structure is up and functional, finish the interior walls of sheds turned into playhouses or offices by installing insulation and drywall or beadboard for warmth.

However you intend to use your 10x20 outdoor structure, the key is to make a smart decision even before you make a purchase. Choosing Alan’s Factory Outlet is the first step in the right direction. From our stock of garages and storage sheds, you’ll be certain to find the style of unit that best suits your needs and complements your home and the appearance of your yard. If you have any questions about 10x20 sheds and their usable space, installation, or price, then contact us. We have a toll-free number and can answer most any question that you might have about our high-quality sheds. You may also contact us online via our contact form. Ordering over the Internet is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.