2 Car Garage Prices

Two-Car Garage Prices: How Much Does a 2-Car Garage Cost?

The cost of a 2-car garage is typically between $11,000 and $26,000, but it can vary depending on the size of the garage and the materials used in its construction. It’s also important to consider whether the cost of a two-car garage includes shipping. When you purchase 2-car garages from Alan’s Factory Outlet, we can ship them anywhere in Virginia or West Virginia, and in many counties, we’ll do it for free.


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How Much Is a 2-Car Garage? Check Our Two-Car Garage Prices

Look up the size you’re considering in the table below to find our current two-car garage prices.

Amish Built 2 Car Garage Prices
Size Wood 2 Car Garage Vinyl 2 Car Garage
20x20 $11,149 $12,744
20x24 $11,767 $13,883
20x28 $13,090 $15,029
20x30 $13,542 $15,602
20x32 $13,993 $16,472
20x36 $14,908 $17,853
20x40 $15,897 $19,247
24x20 $13,118 $14,504
24x24 $13,845 $15,712
24x28 $15,401 $17,169
24x30 $15,931 $17,749
24x32 $16,463 $18,502
24x36 $17,540 $20,006
24x40 $19,812 $21,539
28x28 $18,196 $22,091
28x30 $18,982 $22,644
28x32 $19,767 $23,327
28x36 $21,280 $24,811
28x40 $22,459 $26,586
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What Is the Standard Size for a 2-Car Garage?

The standard size for a 2-car garage is about 20 feet wide by 20 feet long. However, many people need a little more breathing room than that to accommodate items other than their car and find that a 22-by-22 or 24-by-24 garage is a better fit for them. At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we sell garages that range from 20 by 20 to 28 by 40, so you can choose just the right size for your needs.

How Much Does a 2-Car Garage Cost to Ship?

At Alan’s Factory Outlet, we pride ourselves on making sure our customers get a great price for a 2-car garage, and that includes shipping. That’s why we ship our Amish-made garages for free to 21 local counties in Virginia.

21 Counties in VA with Free Delivery
Arlington  Madison
 Augusta  Orange
 Caroline  Page
 Clarke  Prince William
 Culpeper  Rappahannock
 Fairfax Rockingham
 Fauquier  Shenandoah
 Frederick  Spotsylvania
 Greene  Stafford
 King George  Warren

We also deliver garages for free to many area municipalities, including:

Cities and Towns with Free Delivery in VA
Alexandria Luray
Berryville Manassas
Bowling Green Standardsville
Falls Church Staunton
Fredericksburg Warrenton
Front Royal Waynesboro
Harrisonburg Winchester
Leesburg Woodstock

Our free delivery options make the cost of two-car garages even more affordable!

Save Money and Headaches

The cost of a two-car garage can be really high if you intend to build the structure yourself, and the hassle of having to design and build it from scratch just adds to the burden. Often, it’s just not worth the cost to build a 2-car garage yourself, especially when you can buy a high-quality, Amish-built garage from us for less. All you’ll have to do is prepare the space where your new garage will be placed and get any necessary permits from your city or town.

Our garages are great for storing vehicles, farm equipment, RVs, pool accessories, garden and yard tools, and more, and thanks to our low 2-car garage prices, you can get a sturdy storage structure for your property without breaking the bank. We offer garages made of wood, vinyl, and metal, and we also offer a wide range of customization options, including different paint and shingle colors, ramps, and even flower boxes. Choose the features you want to determine the final cost of a 2-car garage that precisely meets your needs, then place your order to get fast shipping.

Don’t let worries about the price of a high-quality 2-car garage keep you from getting the storage structure you need. Discover how low the cost of two-car garages can be with Alan’s Factory Outlet, then order online today!

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