2 Story Horse Barn Prices

Board & Batten 2 Story Horse Barns
1 Stall 2 Stall 3 Stall 4 Stall
12x12 $9,086 12x20 $13,694 12x30 $19,201 12x40 $24,488
12x14 $10,060 12x24 $15,669 12x36 $22,162 12x48 $28,439
12x16 $11,061 12x28 $17,643 12x42 $25,127 14x40 $28,010
12x20 $13,037 12x32 $19,531 14x30 $21,898 14x48 $32,619
14x12 $10,302 12x36 $21,595 14x36 $25,356    
14x14 $11,457 14x20 $15,567 14x42 $28,814    
14x16 $12,608 14x24 $17,873        
14x20 $14,912 14x28 $19,519        
    14x32 $22,483        
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2 Story Horse Barns Metal Roof and Stain Colors

board batten 2 story horse building metal roof colors

2 story horse barn stain colors

2 Story Horse Barn Prices

The 2 story horse barn prices now included free delivery to 30 local counties in VA and 8 counties in WV
The Amish built two story horse barns are only delivered in two states of Virginia and West Virginia.
Alan's Factory Outlet's list of Counties in Virginia with the delivery prices for each for the 2 story horse barns

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The variety in the selection at Alan's Factory Outlet is attractive to many shoppers. There are models available with just a single stall as well as two, three or four stall horse barns. Prices are listed according to the size of the structure. A horse barn with several stalls is especially appealing to owners who plan to add to their collection of prize-winning horses. In short, this is one-stop shopping for board and batten barns.

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The barns made of board and batten at Alan's are decorative as well as practical. When it comes to the roof of a barn, a customer has a choice of attractive colors. Also, customers have the opportunity to select a stain color for the barn. Horse owners can have a barn that fits with the appearance of the other structures on their property. So, join the growing number of people who turn to Alan's when they need horse barns. Prices are always reasonable at Alan's Factory Outlet!