3-Car Garage Dimensions and Cost


A homeowner may want to consider a 3-car garage for a number of reasons. When additional space is needed, for example, a single or even two-car garage may not be enough, and in these cases, our three-car garage size might be the perfect solution. For some, a separate or detached garage may be deemed necessary to reduce carbon monoxide entering the home and improve indoor air quality. These issues are easily remedied with the purchase of the right garage from Alan's Factory Outlet.

We offer a selection of three-car garage kits as well as prefab garages, and as you browse the garages here, you'll find that we pride ourselves on offering only the highest-quality 3-car garage kits for sale. We are certain that our three-car garages are just the solution that you need to keep your property secure and safe from everything, including nature and thieves. But how much does a 3-car garage cost? The answer may pleasantly surprise you.

3-Car Garage Prices: What Does a 3-Car Garage Cost?

Prices can vary based on the specific 3-car garage dimensions. For instance, a vertical-roof metal garage measuring 24 by 41 feet with 10-foot legs and three 9-by-8 garage doors on the 41-foot side will cost approximately $10,290. A 24-by-36 vertical steel garage building with 10-foot sides and three 9-by-8 garage doors on the 36-foot-long side is approximately $9,440. The materials used will affect the 3-car garage cost, as will any add-ons like windows and garage doors. But shipping and setup won't factor into the cost of our three-car garages: They come with free delivery and installation in the 27 states where they are sold.

Different Options to Suit Your Needs

When choosing a 3-car garage, you can customize it to meet your needs by determining the desired height, width, and length. You can also choose either a prefab 3-car garage or a kit, just in case you'd rather put it together yourself. Additionally, you'll have the ability to choose from a selection of colors for the roof, trim, sides, and doors. While color may not initially seem like the most important consideration when choosing your new 3-car detached garage, it can positively or negatively impact the appearance of your property. Ideally, you should select colors that will best complement the main structure on the property. This is of particular importance when it comes to residential garages, as they are often seen as an extension of the home.

You'll also have several style options based on your space and storage needs. For example, the doors of the garage may be located on the end or on the side of the structure. You can also choose a 3-car garage kit with windows and walk-in doors. Twelve-gauge tubing is available to add sturdiness to our three-car metal garages; this tubing comes with a rust-proof warranty that's effective for 20 years.

Choose the Right 3-Car Garage for You

When choosing a three-car garage, one of the most important considerations is the garage's use. Traditionally, garages are used to provide shelter for a car or truck when it is not in use, but they're also often used to house other types of vehicles, such as boats, bicycles, RVs, and farm equipment. Well-organized three-car garages may also be useful for storing lawn mowers, tools, and other items that would otherwise be left outdoors or that are unable to fit in one's basement or attic. Knowing what you plan to put in your garage can help you decide the most suitable 3-car garage dimensions, though it's also important to keep in mind the available space on your property.

At Alan's Factory Outlet, we want you to have the best prices when purchasing your 3-car garage. Cost is determined by factors such as the size, style, materials, and optional features for your garage, but we work hard to keep the cost of three-car garage orders as low as we possibly can. That's just part of our devotion to top-notch customer service.

Ready to buy your new three-car garage? Place your order online today, or call our toll-free number and our customer service staff will answer any questions that you may have.