30x30 Metal Buildings & Garages


A 30 x 30 metal building can serve a range of functions, from sheltering vehicles to adding usable square footage for living and working space. Whether you’re looking for a place to store tools and equipment, an extra workspace, or a spacious two-car garage, a 30x30 metal building from Alan’s Factory Outlet can provide enough space for highly versatile functionality. Metal buildings on this relatively large scale can vary widely in their material, cost, style, and other specifications. To determine the best choice for your garage or other outbuilding, survey the range of options we have available here on our site and then weigh your aesthetic and practical needs against your budget.  Take a look at Alan's Factory Outlet triple wide carports and garages.

Potential Benefits

Adding a 30 x 30 metal building to your property can yield practical benefits and improve your overall quality of life by expanding your available workspace. Architects and design professionals are increasingly citing metal garages and other custom-built outbuildings as an attractive addition to home properties. A far cry from the basic shed, large outbuildings may be repurposed for storing large equipment or can be used to pursue hobbies requiring large tools, such as carpentry or DIY building. Compared with open carports, an enclosed garage offers an added degree of security as well as complete protection from the elements for whatever you might choose to put inside. To avoid an overly boxy or industrial aesthetic, many homeowners outfit their garages and other metal buildings with windows.

Versatility and Functionality

A 30-by-30-foot space provides more than enough room for two full-sized cars, making it possible to create a blended work and storage space within a single enclosed structure. Opting for a sturdy 30x30 steel building can also raise your property value. Given its ample size, a 30x30 metal building offers open-ended possibilities to future prospective buyers of your property, making it a wiser long-term investment than a smaller or more purpose-built structure. By ordering a custom-built outbuilding from Alan’s Factory Outlet, you can also tailor the design to suit your anticipated needs. For example, for a workspace, you can place windows wherever you will require lighting. If you plan to store riding mowers or other vehicles, you can specify dimensions that will allow easy access and a convenient orientation on your property to drive in and out.

Comparing Materials and Styles

Opting for a metal building instead of wood or vinyl already greatly extends the lifespan and durability of your structure while driving down the cost. Our 30x30 garage kits may be ordered in a range of materials, with most metal sheds made of either steel or aluminum. Aluminum kits are ideal for a cost-efficient building, but steel sheds are more advisable for rugged performance, especially in areas with a lot of snowfall. A 30x30 steel building offers the most resilient protection for vehicles or other property, especially if you are concerned about falling branches or heavy debris. When selecting your building’s overall style, look for key differences between various models, such as the roof design. In snowy or rainy climates, a pitched, vertical roof is of paramount importance. We also offer regular and boxed-eave style roofs, and our metal garage kits come in 13 different colors.

Purchase and Installation

Buyers can purchase 30x30 garage kits online from Alan’s Factory Outlet. Opting for a custom-made garage lets you tweak its specifications to suit your needs. Choose the colors of the structure and trim elements, the type of roof, and even the configuration of doors and windows. Our 30x30 garage kits are easy to install and are sure to meet your storage needs.