40x80 Steel Building


If you’re shopping for a 40x80 metal building, it’s likely that you have valuable vehicles and/or equipment in need of reliable shelter. We have exactly what you’re searching for at Alan’s Factory Outlet. When you purchase a 40x80 building from our business, you’re getting a sturdy structure made of quality steel or aluminum. We are your go-to place for dependable 40x80 aluminum and steel buildings.

Expert Construction

Naturally, when you order a 40x80 steel building, you want peace of mind about the building’s construction. Rest assured that our installers are experts at putting up buildings of all types and dimensions. Before the process begins, we’ll talk with you about the foundation options for your 40 x 80 metal building. A concrete pad or level layer of gravel are two options we’ll discuss with you. We answer your questions about the building process, including how long it usually takes to complete the work, and we use our knowledge and experience to put up a 40x80 steel building you can rely on for all of your storage needs.

Color Options

“When you’ve seen one metal building, you’ve seen them all.” Whoever made that statement has never shopped at Alan’s Factory Outlet! When you order a 40x80 metal building or steel structure from us, we give you a choice of colors for the sides and trim. You can select a color scheme that coordinates with your home or other buildings around your property. We can customize your metal or steel building to make it an appealing addition to your land.

A Practical Roof

We put a vertical roof on each of our 40x80 steel and aluminum buildings. While a vertical roof is an attractive style, it also serves an important purpose. The sheeting on this type of roof is laid out in a vertical design, and this makes it easy for snow to slide off instead of accumulating in weighty piles on the roof. This is yet another way the design of our 40x80 steel building protects the costly property stored inside it.

Space for a Variety of Things

Buying a metal building with these dimensions gives you space enough for a variety of items. You may be a farmer looking for a place to store your tractor, thresher, and other heavy pieces of equipment. Or perhaps you’re an auto mechanic looking to expand the space you have to work on cars and trucks at any time of the year. You may own a lawn care business and need a place to store your fleet of riding lawn mowers and other supplies throughout the year. When it comes to storage space, a 40 x 80 metal building gives you lots of options.

Protection for Your Property

Buy one of our metal buildings of this size and you are protecting your vehicles, supplies, and equipment from harmful weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about rust building up on your tractor due to exposure to snow and ice. Also, you don’t have to be concerned about pounding rainstorms hurting the paint job on your car. Whatever vehicles or other items you store in your 40 x 80 metal building will be kept secure from the elements.

Call now or contact us online to learn more about the delivery of our steel and aluminum buildings. We offer free delivery and installation to residents in many states. Let our capable staff help you arrange for a 40x80 metal building that will never let you down!