52 Types of Wood and the Trees They Come From


Whether you’re looking at furniture, getting supplies for a wooden pergola, or shopping for an artfully crafted wooden gazebo, the topic of wood grain types will often come up. But where exactly do different types of wood come from? From which kinds of trees are fancy, expensive hardwoods like mahogany cut, and where in the world do these types of trees exist? Certain wood types are softer and more pliable than others, and the wood grains have a huge variety of colors, from pale birch to red bubinga to dark wenge to verdant greenheart. This wide variety comes from a world of forests, some of which have extremely rare or endangered types of trees. Other woods are common and have many variant species, like pine. Let’s take a moment to admire the huge biodiversity of the earth’s many kinds of trees, including fruit trees, conifers, rare species, and common types of trees you can find in many places throughout the world.

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