Agricultural/Farm Buildings for Sale


When you’re managing a large piece of property, there are many different potential uses for metal farm buildings. You may need a sturdy building to house animals, store gardening tools, or protect your farm equipment from the elements. If you’re using your buildings to shelter animals or to store expensive equipment, you should consider insulating the buildings; though horses and other animals have a heavy winter coat, insulation can help to keep them warm on cold winter days. A farm shed also can be an ideal place to store feed for your animals or fertilizer for your fields. If you’re looking for a reliable storage structure to put on your property, we have a selection of quality farm buildings for sale at Alan’s Factory Outlet.

Small Agricultural Buildings

The Amish-built wooden sheds we sell online are delivered fully assembled to your property. You can customize your shed by choosing its size, color, and roof style. You can also select one of our prefab kits to install on your property. There are several benefits to buying a packaged farm building. You can save on the cost and install the building wherever you need it. You may need a structure way out in your fields or closer to home. We’ll build your shed according to your specs, which makes organizing it a much easier task.

Two-Story Buildings

You can order a two-story building at Alan’s Factory Outlet that meets all of your storage needs. Many customers use our two-story buildings for additional garage space or for farm equipment storage. A two-story building from our inventory can even serve as a workshop for all of those exciting projects! As with our sheds, you can customize your two-story building by choosing its siding, colors, and roof style.

Horse Barns

If you need to create more space for your animals, consider ordering one of our spacious horse barns. Customize its style and size to make it one of the highlights of your property. You have the option of adding on a tack room where you can organize all of your horse-related supplies, or you can add a run onto the building. These barns are currently available for sale in Virginia and West Virginia.

Steel Agricultural and Farm Shed Buildings’ Prices

Prices will vary depending on the size and style of farm buildings.  These metal garage prices are for Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. Prices subject to change without notice.

Steel Garage & Metal Garage Prices Fully Enclosed with 9' side height (Garage doors, walk in doors & windows not included)
Regular Roof Style Boxed Eave Style Vertical Roof Style
12x21 $2955 12x21 $3055 12x21 $3255
12x26 $3350 12x26 $3550 12x26 $3800
12x31 $3735 12x31 $4035 12x31 $4335
12x36 $4090 12x36 $4490 12x36 $4840
12x41 - 12x41 - 12x41 $5465
18x21 $3275 18x21 $3375 18x21 $3575
18x26 $3670 18x26 $3895 18x26 $4145
18x31 $4055 18x31 $4405 18x31 $4705
18x36 $4410 18x36 $4885 18x36 $5235
18x41 - 18x41 - 18x41 $5885
20x21 $3685 20x21 $3785 20x21 $3985
20x26 $4180 20x26 $4355 20x26 $4605
20x31 $4665 20x31 $4915 20x31 $5215
20x36 $5120 20x36 $5445 20x36 $5795
20x41 - 20x41 - 20x41 $6495
22x21 $4105 22x21 $4205 22x21 $4505
22x26 $4630 22x26 $4825 22x26 $5200
22x31 $5145 22x31 $5435 22x31 $5885
22x36 $5640 22x36 $6015 22x36 $6540
22x41 - 22x41 - 22x41 $7315
24x21 $4415 24x21 $4615 24x21 $4815
24x26 $5010 24x26 $5285 24x26 $5535
24x31 $5595 24x31 $5945 24x31 $6245
24x36 $6050 24x36 $6575 24x36 $6925
24x41 - 24x41 - 24x41 $7725
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The steel farm buildings in our inventory offer reliable protection for your valuable property. After you lay a level foundation, we’ll deliver and assemble your new steel farm building. We know that you want the very best structures for your farm. Steel buildings from our store give you peace of mind about the safety and security of your costly equipment, supplies, and more. If you want additional storage space for a boat or a recreational vehicle, you can browse our inventory of first-rate garages and carports. These buildings are customizable in size and design, which will allow you to create a building that suits your needs perfectly.

We understand that you take pride in the appearance of your property. That’s why we offer steel farm buildings and other types of metal farm buildings made of quality materials and assembled with excellent workmanship. Customizing your building by choosing its size and color gives you the opportunity to add visual appeal and value to your farm. Metal buildings are modern and offer reliable shelter for items that need protection from the elements, pests, or even intruders. If certain requirements are met, you may even be able to factor the cost of a new building into your farm business expenses when you file your tax return at the end of the year.

For more than a decade, the team at Alan’s Factory Outlet has helped customers find the best outbuildings for their property. Free shipping is available depending on where you live and the type of building you purchase. We are proud to offer a selection of dependable horse barns, steel buildings, and sheds at affordable prices. Call now and let us help you find a building that is perfect for your property!