Beat the Heat with Metal Carport Awnings


As temperatures rise, many homeowners purchase prefab carport awnings to keep their vehicles cool. With the family car underneath an awning, carport owners typically find that their vehicles’ paint jobs last longer. Plus, with the car interior relatively cool, even in the hottest months of summer, drivers don’t need to blast the air conditioning when they get in, sparing their car from the extra wear and battery use. Well-chosen carports and awnings like those at Alan’s Factory Outlet can offer both convenience and style. Carports may range widely in shape, size, material, and style, making them highly customizable to match any home and any surrounding landscaping. To choose the right carport for your needs, consider both aesthetic and practical factors before you buy.

The Benefits of a Carport

Compared with enclosed garages, metal carport awnings offer comparable benefits at a more economical price. In addition, many homeowners find that carports can actually give their properties a more appealing aesthetic. Famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright used the carport for many of his homes, famously saying, “A car is not a horse, and it doesn’t need a barn.” Contemporary home design professionals describe the carport as a rising style trend and not solely a lower-priced alternative to the garage. They contrast the light and welcoming look of an open carport with the blank and heavy front of a closed garage. As to practical benefits, a carport provides vehicles with natural ventilation as well as protection from the elements. In places with regular prevailing winds, carports may be designed with one closed side for further protection. While carports have increasingly become a sought-after option for design reasons, they remain attractive to many buyers as an economical alternative to the full garage. On average, adding a carport to your property costs 50 percent less than building a full garage.

Practical Considerations

Our metal carport awning kits come in a range of styles and price points. When choosing between a carport and a full garage or when selecting a particular carport, start by assessing your needs and your target budget. For example, if you want a long-lasting shelter at a lower investment, an aluminum carport may suit your needs. If you live in a snowy or rainy climate, opt for a carport with a pitched roof. A carport designed for all-weather resilience will also feature roofing material with the “grain,” or any grooves, sloping downward. As you weigh pricing and value, it’s also worth factoring in your home’s future value. In some cases, adding a well-made carport may increase your home’s property value. In addition to your personal style considerations, keep in mind that local regulations may partially determine what type of carport you may select. In some cases, carports are addressed in community association bylaws or by local zoning laws. For example, homeowners may be permitted to erect permanent carports, but portable awnings for cars may be prohibited. Other communities expect their residents to construct any carports in a certain position relative to the house and the property lines.

Carport Options

When choosing an awning, carport buyers can select from various materials and styles. We offer both steel and aluminum carport awnings with a barn roof, a boxed-eave roof, or a vertical roof, with open or enclosed sides, and we can make them in custom sizes to suit your needs. Carports efficiently protect cars from sun, hail, and other debris at a relatively low price point. Compared with other materials, aluminum carport awnings are highly durable and require a relatively low initial investment, making them one of the most cost-effective carport options in the long run. Steel awnings for home use are another extremely sturdy option for carports as well as other needs. The extreme resilience of steel carports makes them ideal if you have a partially wooded property and wish to protect your vehicle from the risk of fallen branches or trees.