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Sheds 101

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Nov 30, 2009

Sheds, Storage Sheds, Storage BuildingsOne of the first things you will want to ask yourself is what kind of siding do I want on my Shed.  The Most popular and economical siding on Sheds is Wood.  Wooden Siding is Durable and  Engineered to last a lifetime and comes with a 25 year warranty.  The average paint time is about 10 years.  Our Wooden Sheds come with an all Plywood interior. 

Vinyl Siding is a nice option for a Maintenance Free Building that never requires painting.  All Vinyl Buildings come with a Limited Lifetime warranty and have an all plywood interior.  You may want to invest a little more into a vinyl building to save you both time and money in the future.  

All Sheds are custom built so you get to choose the colors that best match your home.  Another key decision is what Size Building do I need.  First you will want to measure the space you have for the building location on your property.  Second, make sure you get a Storage Shed large enough to serve your needs now and later.  Many people in retrospect say they wish they had chosen a larger Building because the now need more space. 

Please share any useful ideas you may have.

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