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Metal Carports and Steel Carport at Alan's Factory Outlet

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Feb 3, 2010

Metal CarportsMetal Carports and Steel Carports at Alan's Factory Outlet come in many different sizes and styles.  The Metal Carport in the video below is a 12'x21' Regular Barn Roof Carport.  Carports come standard with 5' Legs.  The Legs in the Carport below has 6' Legs.  Steel Carports can be ordered with up to 12' legs depending on your needs for the Carport.  Another option shown in the carport is J-Trim which is the side trim on both sides.  All Carports are anchored to you level land for free.  An optional Mobile Home anchor can be added to any of the metal carports.  Center Snow Braces are standard on all Carports along with Free Corner wind braces.  Additional Braces can be added.  

Metal Carports can be partially closed or fully closed and turned into a Steel Building or Metal Garage.  The Roof is 29 gauge sheeting which comes in your choice of 13 different colors.  The Steel Tubing is 14 gauge tubing and can be built with a thicker 12 gauge tubing.

Metal Carports include Free Delivery and Free Set-up on your property.  Carports come in three different roof lines.  The Regular Barn style carport, A-Frame carport and the New Vertical Carport. 

Please feel free to watch the Video of the Metal Carport below.

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