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Not All Prefab Garages Are Built The Same

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Feb 12, 2010

Prefab GaragesNot all Prefab Garages are built the same. Alan's Factory Outlet Prefabricated Garages are built by the Amish.  Garages come in Wooden, Vinyl and Board & Batten Garages.  All Garages are Portable and delivered fully assembled so you can start using your Garage Immediately.  Garages come with five pressure treated 4"x4" Foundation Runners.  Garages come standard with a reinforced floor or floorless.  Floorless Garages come with 6"x6" Pressure Treated Runners around the Parameter of the Garage.  Floorless Prefab Garages also come with heavy duty tow hooks to enable it to be transported.  Reinforced Floors have 2"x4" Joists 12" On Center and a 3/4" Pressure Treated Floor.  Sidewalls and Roof trusses are 16" On Center 2"x4"s.  1/2" Plywood Roof with 25 year shingles.  Wooden Garages have 25 year Duratemp T1-11 Painted Siding.  Vinyl Garages have a 1/2" Plywood interior with a Vinyl Siding exterior.  

Garages also come standard with Two Windows with Shutters, 9'x7' Garage Door, 3' Door, 2 Gable Vents. Each Garage is custom built in the size, color and layout your looking for.  Prefabricated Garages come in an A-Frame or Barn style.

Alan's Factory Outlet Prefab Garages VS Some Other Companies Garages

  • 25 Year Duratemp Siding VS OSB Siding
  • 16" On Center Sidewalls & Roof trusses VS 24" On Center 
  • Garages are Painted VS Extra Money to Paint
  • Plywood Roof VS OSB Roof
  • Wood Trim VS Metal Trim (Wood Trim Extra Money)
  • Two Windows w/shutters VS One Window (2nd Window & Shutters Extra Money)
  • 9'x7' Garage Door & Single Door VS Double Door
  • 3/4" Pressure Treated Floor VS 5/8" Floor
  • 2 Gable Vents VS Vents Extra Money
  • Doors Reinforced VS Doors Not Reinforced
  • Double 2"x4" Top Plates VS Single 2"x4" or Double 1"x4" Top Plates
  • 12" On Center Floor Joists VS 16" On Center Floor Joists
  • Online & Physical Location to View Garages VS Only Online
  • Free Local Delivery on all Sizes VS Delivery & Escort Fees

Alan's Factory Outlet also has 2 Car Garages and 2 Story Garages.


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