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High Wall A-Frame Shed, Nice Look

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Apr 15, 2010

Highwall A-Frame Shed, Sheds, Storage BuildingsA High Wall A-Frame Shed, is a really nice look for a Building.  It gives an appearance of a more permanent structure, because of its height.  The Shed shown in the picture is a 14' wide x 24' long with the door on the side.  The door shown, is a real house door, swapped out from the standard wooden double shed doors.  This building is also displayed with an upgrade of insulated house windows, instead of the single pane shed windows.

We use this Storage Shed as our office and it has been quick and efficient for us in every way.  

Some other uses for these Sheds might be: 

  • A Guest House
  • A Pool House
  • A Work Out Room or Home Gym
  • A Crafting Room
  • A Sewing Room
  • A Wood Working Shop
  • A Recreational Room
  • A Potting Shed and much more 
The possibilities are endless!  It is a cost effective way to get the space you have been dreaming of.

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