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Two Story Sheds & Garages Are A Popular Choice

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Apr 24, 2010

 Two Story Garage, 2 Story Garage, 2 Story Shed, Two Story Shed

Two Story Sheds and Two Story Garages are more and more in demand.  People have found that they are buying two and three sheds because they didn't buy a large enough building.

In planning ahead for future needs people are finding that a 2 Story Shed or 2 Story Garage will suite their storage needs now and later. Planning ahead can save you time and money!


Both the Two Story Sheds and Two Story Garages come fully built, hassle free, and with the following construction:


  • T1-11 Duratemp Wood or Vinyl Siding
  • All Plywood interior
  • 2x4's 16" on center
  • Reinforced 3/4" floor
  • Floor Joists 12" on center
  • Pressure Treated 4x4 Foundation Skids
  • Vertical Metal Roof
  • Permanent Staircase or Pull Down Ladder 
Please take a look at our 2 Story video to see the valuable amount of space and high quality construction.  The 2 Story Garage shown in this video is an A-Frame 24x24.  Barn style roofs are available as well for maximum space.
If this space is more than you need, you may be interested in the Single Two Story Sheds & Garages

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