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Rustic Board & Batten Sheds With A Metal Roof

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, May 4, 2010

Board Batten Storage Sheds, Sheds, Storage Buildings, Shenandoah Valley VA ShedsDo you like the Rustic Beauty of Board & Batten Sheds?  These high quality Board  & Batten Buildings will not disappoint!  All of the Board & Batten Storage Sheds come with a 4"x4" Pressure Treated Foundation Skids, 4"x4" Joists 16" On Center and a 2"x8" Heavy Duty Plank Floor.  The Board and Batten Siding on the Storage Buildings is 1" Thick Eastern White Pine.  Two Wooden Windows or Two Metal Windows with Screens are standard on most Styles of Sheds.  You get to Choose the Metal Roof Color you want and the location for the Double Doors and 2 Windows.  All of the Board & Batten Sheds are portable so they can be moved at a later date.  

So if your looking for a heavy duty building with that Rustic Look a Board and Batten Shed may be the way to go.  Click Here for the Sizes, Styles and Prices of the Board & Batten Storage Sheds.

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