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Run in Sheds the perfect Horse Shelter for Your Horses

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Sep 15, 2010

Run in sheds give your horses the perfect horse shelter to help keep your horses comfortable.  Alan's Factory Outlet run in sheds are pre-built in the size that best suits you whether you need a horse shelter for one horse, two horse or seven horses.

Run in sheds are built with heavy duty 1" thick eastern white pine board batten siding.  A 4' high oak kickboard is standard with each run in shed.  4 tow hooks are on each corner to aid in dragging it from one side of the field to the other.  The run in sheds are also built with a metal roof so you will never need to repair the shingles when they blow off.

A tack or feed room can be added to the run in shed to give you that place of easy storage for your horses needs.  Tack Rooms come with a 3' entry door, a window for light and a 2' swinging access door inside so you don't need to walk outside the run in shed to get to your horse.  Tack room floors are made with 2"x8" plank fooring with pressure treated 4"x6" floor joists. 

A Stall Barn can also be added to any of the run in sheds.  Stall Barns come with a 4' wide Dutch Door, window with grills, chew guard on top of 4' high oak kickboard, insulated roof to help keep your horse cool in the summer months.

Alan's Factory Outlet run in shed prices are online.  Visit Alans Factory Outlet at 643 West Main St. luray, VA 22835.  Run in sheds and horse shelters are delivered in Virginia and West Virginia.  

run in sheds 

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