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Beautiful, Rugged, Board & Batten Sheds

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, Oct 5, 2010

Board & Batten Sheds, Sheds, Sheds VABoard & Batten Storage Sheds are a great way to keep that earthy natural feel to your yard or property.  It has an organic look that is sure to be beautiful and very practical storage. 

Board & Batten Siding basically means it is an eastern white pine wood with the batten strips.  All inside framing is made with oak.  The floor is 2x8 Tongue and Groove Plank Flooring over top of 4x6 Pressure Treated Joists.  These buildings are made to last a lifetime. 

A great plus for the Board & Batten Sheds are they come with architectural shingles or you can get an upgrade to a metal roof at no extra charge.

Alan's Factory Outlet also has Wood Sheds and Vinyl Sheds.

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