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Regular Style Metal Carports

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Jan 12, 2011

Alan's Factory Outlet regular style Metal Carports.  The regular style carports have a barn shaped roof line.  These are the most economical of the carport styles.  All carports come standard with center snow braces and 4 corner wind braces.  Additional braces are optional to make your carport fully braced.

12x21 Metal Carports, Steel Carports5' leg height is standard on metal carports.  You can make the carport taller in 1' increments up to 12' leg heights.  Here is picture of a 12x21 regular style carport with 1' taller 6' legs.
This carport also has a second option of J-Trim.  J-trim seems confusing like what does that mean?  Well to help it make sense for you the j-trim is the side trim piece that runs along both sides of the carport where the roof sheeting stops.  A couple advantages of getting j-trim is that is does set the carport off from an aesthetic standpoint.  It also makes the carport slightly stronger as it helps lock the sheeting in place.  One of the best benefits you get by having j-trim put on your carport is if lets say you get it with the standard 5' legs or 6' legs that means the sheeting on the side will come down at about 5' or 6' tall and the sheeting is 29 GA sheeting which doesn't feel good if you hit your head on it.  Having the j-trim may not still feel good if you hit your head on it but it may feel a little better as far as you just get a bump with a sore head as opposed to the chance of a cut if your head hits the sheeting just right.  So j-trim may be an option to think about.  Here is a picture to get a better look at the j-trim. 

Metal Carports 12x21 Carport VA
You can also take a steel building and close both sides for extra protection.  The ends can also be closed with a garage door on one end and you got yourself a fully enclosed metal garage.

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