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Alan's Factory Outlet Reviews of Portable Buildings

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Oct 20, 2012

Alan's Factory Outlet Reviews Your Portable Storage Building Options

As we review Alan's Factory Outlet building options we will take a look at the different types of buildings to choose from and the pros and cons of each option.  Depending on what your price budget and needs are will help determine which of the storage building is a best fit for you. 

alans factory outlet reviews portable storage buildings availableAlan's Factory Outlet reviews the key differences in the kinds of sheds and garages available.  So the most affordable option is definitely the portable metal carports and portable metal garages.  Of course the carports are less money because they only give you a roof protection but sometimes that is all you need.  All of the portable metal buildings are built on site and get delivered to you as a kit and than we will install it for you in most sizes in one day.  Alan's Factory Outlet metal garages are fully enclosed and come with a roll up garage door or 2 garage doors depending on the size you buy.

So the advantages of the portable steel buildings is that they are the most economical options, built on site which comes in handy if you don't have enough room for a truck and trailer to delivery a fully assembled portable storage building.  The metal siding used on them is 29 ga with 14 ga tubing and you can upgrade to a thicker 12 ga tubing which will give you a 20 year rust through warranty.  There is a 30 day craftsmanship warranty on all of the steel buildings.  One thing about all of the metal buildings is that they are constructed without a floor.  They are anchored for free to the ground, gravel, asphalt or cement.  The foundation for the carport or metal storage building needs to be level.  The metal buildings are delivered and installed in 27 states in the USA.

Alan's Factory Outlet reviews the options available on the metal portable buildings

  • Certified carports and certified metal garages which are rated for 130 mph wind and 30 psf snow load and come with blue print drawings
  • Taller leg heights up to 12' on the side to fit a motor home or other tall objects
  • Add a 36" walk in door or windows to the metal storage building and you get to pick the location for them
  • 13 different colors including a roof color, side color and trim color

The next category of storage buildings we will review are the wood and vinyl siding Amish built sheds and garages at Alan's Factory Outlet.  They are made as portable wood storage buildings and portable vinyl storage buildings.  They are delivered fully assembled and can be ordered with or without a floor depending on your needs.  It is the same price with or without a floor.  The sidewalls and roof is constructed with 2"x4" studs 16" on center.  The wood siding comes with a 25 year warranty and the vinyl siding has a limited lifetime warranty.  The wood and vinyl portable structures come with a 40 year pressure treated foundation that touches the ground. 

The wood siding structures are cost less than the vinyl due to the vinyl being made with a 1/2" plywood interior and then with vinyl siding and wrapped with metal trim around the roof line and around the doors so that no wood is exposed. 

All of the Amish built wood and vinyl buildings come with a 1 year craftsmanship warranty and are delivered in all of Virginia and West Virginia with free delivery in the 21 local Counties in VA and WV.

The other type of Amish built buildings at Alan's Factory Outlet are the board batten and cedar sheds and garages.  These buildings are the most expensive type of portable building with the board and batten being the less expensive of the 2 sidings.  The key characteristic that sets the board and batten apart from the rest is that it is made with 1" thick eastern white pine siding and has the strongest of all the floors available with a 2"x8" tongue and groove plank floor.  Another spec that separates the board and batten portable buildings is that it is made with oak framing. 

All of the wood, vinyl, cedar and board & batten Amish built storage buildings are delivered fully assembled so the one drawback is you will need to make sure you have enough room for it to be delivered into your back yard or the location you want it to go.  On most of the sizes of portable sheds and portable garages you will need 14' high clearance and 16' wide clearance if it is a straight back in delivery.  This would even apply to the 2 car garages and 2 story 2 car garages since they are delivered in 2 sections and on the two story version the roof is hinged and raised on site after it is delivered.

Thank you for reading the Alan's Factory Outlet review of your portable building options.

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