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27 Different Ways to Use a Storage Shed

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Oct 27, 2012

Discover 27 Uses for a Storage Shed

We are going to briefly touch on 27 different uses for a storage shed.  Some of these uses will require additional work on your end and customization such as electric, ect.  Please check with your local building code requirements and zoning set backs to make sure your within the guidelines of your county for what your looking to use it for.

pumpkin patch storage shed

Due to the autumn season we wanted to share a picture of one of our storage sheds used here in Page County, Luray, Virginia at the pumpkin patch.

  1. The pumpkin patch storage shed.
  2. Animal shelter, as a place to keep your dogs, cats or other farm animals in out of the rain, snow, cold and heat.
  3. As a place of business to work out of to help keep your over head low.
  4. Barber shop, one of our customers turned a shed into a barber shop and lifted up with a crane to have an access underneath the storage building for the pluming and running water.
  5. Craft shop or quilt shop to store all of the craft materials.
  6. Game room to have an area to play and have fun for both kids and adults.
  7. Workshop as a place to work on those wood working projects without getting all of that dust in your basement or home.
  8. Storage building to store extra house hold items or stuff that don't need to be in the house.
  9. Chemical storage to help kid proof your home one way to go about this would be instead of keeping chemicals in your home you could store it in a locked shed.
  10. Pool house as a changing room or pool supply storage beside your swimming pool or jacuzzi.
  11. School house to teach your kids or as a class room to teach several kids.
  12. Garden shed to store all of your garden supplies close by the garden.
  13. Potting shed to grow your plants or flowers.
  14. Tool shed so you can get organized and have an efficient work area.
  15. Work out room or gym to pump some iron or get some cardio or ride that stationary bike or treadmill to get in shape for the summer beach trip or just for better health benefits or a longer life.
  16. Mechanic shed to work on your car, truck, or farm equipment
  17. A quiet area to relax, read, study, pray or mediate.
  18. Wood storage to help keep the wood dry and ready to use when you need to fire up the wood stove or fireplace.
  19. A kids playhouse for your child or children to play and a good time for us parents or grand parents to spend time with are son, daughter or grand children and create some lasting memories and invest in a kids future with the best gift of all and that is your time, shed not required for that.
  20. In need of an extra room in your home but not wanting to spend the big bucks of adding on to your home, a shed could be the answer to adding an extra room that is portable.
  21. A church, yes a pastor friend of mine turned a shed into a church even put a wood stove in it to keep the people warm during the winter months.
  22. An office away from the home, if you need a quiet work area or don't have enough space for a office in your home.
  23. Guest house, with a few modifications this could make a nice temporary headquarters for visiting family and friends.
  24. Bathroom, we have had a couple people turn a shed into a bathroom.
  25. Camping shed, it beats a tent and is weather proof.  No need to worry about waking up to a bear trying to break in for some food.
  26. Save money and stop paying monthly fees on rental storage when you can buy a storage shed and not have to leave you property to use it.
  27. And the final use for a storage shed is at Alan's Factory Outlet I personally use one of the storage sheds as my office and have for 10 years. 

alan's factory outlet shed

If your ever in Luray, VA please feel free to stop bye and say hi.   Most likely you'll find me in my shed.

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