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Need More Storage Space? Solve it with a Shed!

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Nov 10, 2012

If your like most people your running out of storage space. 

An easy solution is an Amish built shed in your backyard.

T1 11 wood siding storage shed

                                   T1-11 Wood Siding Storage Shed

If when you walk in a room or shed and there is nothing but boxes and you barely have enough room to walk around to get what your looking for it could be time to think about some additional storage space.

You have several options when you are faced with this kind of situation. 

You could never get any additional items but this is not very practical because as the seasons and years go by there are always those special keep sakes or maybe that deal on something that was just too good to pass up.  So this option is not very likely.

You could possibly organize and stack up boxes as high as possible which would provide you with some more floor space but make sure to keep the items that you will access most often on top otherwise it becomes a huge project just to get one item when you need it.  Even if you maximize the space to the highest degree, eventually even the most organized storage space will just delay the inevitable need for more space.

One option would be to add on addition onto the house but a project like this is very costly when compared to the option of buying a portable storage shed.

Getting a larger square foot house is another thing you could do.  Sometimes this could be a viable option especially if when you bought your home it was just the two of you and than all of a sudden you start having several kids or the kids have moved out and than came back to live at home or the parents move into your home.  These life changing events can really cause a need for a larger home.  A more economical route for many would be to get a storage shed or a second storage shed for the influx of extra items or new people now residing with you.

Some of our customers have bought their shed after many years of paying monthly rental storage payments.  It is true you could get more space by renting a storage building, but the problem with this is that after many years you will have paid enough on the monthly storage payments to buy a shed and sometimes 2 or 3 times over depending on how long you rented the storage space with nothing to show for it.  Another disadvantage with renting a monthly storage unit is what it costs you in time and gas money each time you have to get something out of it or add an extra time to it.  So buying a storage shed for you backyard makes a lot of sense if your looking to save money.

Lets say you are renting a home that is too small for your needs.  The portable storage sheds can be delivered to your location and if you move we can move it for you.  Of course this also applies to a home you own if you need to relocating in a year or two or a future date down the road.  Please keep in mind we only move our own sheds and if your going to be moving so far away such as out of state than getting the shed moved would not be available and even if it was it wouldn't be very cost effect.

So we just went over some of the alternatives if you are in need of more storage space. 

The most popular Amish built storage shed at Alan's Factory Outlet is the wood storage sheds.  They are the most economical of the storage sheds available.  When you buy a wood storage shed at Alan's Factory Outlet they are delivered fully assembled on a truck and trailer and come with your choice of paint color, trim color and shingle color.  Once the shed is placed in your backyard in the location you want it, you can start filling it up right away.  It even comes with a lock and 2 keys for security. 

Other types of storage sheds available at Alan's Factory Outlet are vinyl storage sheds, board batten sheds and cedar sheds.

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