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Prefab Garages Without A Floor

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, Jan 26, 2011

Prefab Garages Without A FloorWood and Vinyl Prefab Garages are available without a floor.  This is a picture of half of a wood 2 Car Garage with no floor.  Tow hooks are put on the 4 corners to be able to transport the prefab garage.  6"x6" floor braces are added to be able to transport the garage.  The 6"x6" floor braces are taken out on site after the garage is delivered.  The garage door comes down flush with your gravel pad or concrete pad.  You can pull your vehicles in and out without having to worry about a wood floor. 

2 Story Garages are also available without a floor.  Metal Garages and Carports which are built on site without a floor is another option.

24x24 vinyl two car garage with no floor.

Two Car Garages With No Floor  

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