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18x21 Carport

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Feb 7, 2011

Alan's Factory Outlet 18x21 Carport are delivered with free delivery and setup to 18 different states.  Here are the states with free delivery and setup Carports AL, Carports AR, Carports GA, Carports IL, Carports IA, Carports KS, Carports KY, Carports LA, Carports MS, Carports MO, Carports NE, Carports NC, Carports OK, Carports SC, Carports TN, Carports TX, Carports VA and Carports WV.

The 18x21 metal carport are built in three different roof styles.  The regular style carport, boxed eave carport and the vertical carport.  The regular style carport has a barn shape roof.  Both the boxed eave and vertical style carports have an a-frame roof with the only difference between the boxed eave and vertical is on the vertical carport the roof sheeting is vertical meaning it goes up and down allowing snow to slide off.  On the regular style and boxed eave carports the roof sheeting is horizontal meaning it goes the length wise.

18x21 carport18x21 Carport and 18x21 Metal Garage

Steel Buildings are also built in many other sizes of carports and garages.

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