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Shed Kits Now Available!

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Apr 1, 2011

Shed Kits Wood Shed Kits Wooden Shed KitsAlan's Factory Outlet now offers Wood Shed Kits for those of you who just don't have enough space to get a fully built building in your yard.

Shed Kits are available only in Virginia.

Wooden Shed Kits are still hauled using a truck and shed trailer.  The driver can place the building in a larger area and then you can begin to carry materials to your desired location.

When the Shed Kit is delivered you can expect it to look almost like a fully built shed without a roof.  The reason we do this is to prevent the paint from rubbing off of the walls which is typical of stacked/bundled Shed Kits. 

Once the Wood Shed Kit has been set down on the ground you will want to remove all material from inside the building.  Then unscrew each of the four walls to relocate to the Shed location.  Place the built floor on final site and make sure it is level both ways before reattaching the walls.  You will then attach the built rafters.  Then install the plywood for the roof, felt paper, drip edge and shingles.   

Sizes offered are 6x6 up to 10x20.  Shed Kits come in five different styles: 

  • Mini Barns
  • Dutch Barns
  • A-Frame Sheds
  • Highwall A-Frame Sheds
  • Quaker Sheds


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