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Aluminum Carports

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Apr 22, 2011

aluminum carports

Aluminum carports are an easy economical way to cover and protect your items from the powerful sun rays which over time tend to fade the outside of your vehicle's paint and even fade the inside of your vehicle. It is a fact that a vehicle protected from the everyday weather elements will look better longer than a car or truck left out in the open, not only from the sun, but also from the rain, snow, ice and hail to hit it. Having aluminum car ports installed is just a smart financial choice.

Every day, people deal with their vehicles getting damaged because of weather and other issues due to the fact the car or truck is unprotected. A carport, aluminum or otherwise, is exactly what a person needs in this kind of situation.

My wife, Julie about 8 years ago had a new car left out in the open and then a storm came that dropped some hail and her car was left with several dents. If only I would have listened to my own advice, I would have saved the time and hassle of trying to get it fixed. The insurance deductible alone would have almost bought a 12x21 aluminum carport which could have provided the needed protection from the hail.

I've heard of other people who have had a tree or large branches which blew off during a severe storm land on their car. In most cases the car or truck was not damaged as the tree or branch hit the aluminum carport instead of a direct hit on the vehicle. Don't let the look of aluminum car ports fool you. They may seem thin and unsteady but they will keep your vehicles safe from the elements and are designed to withstand harsh winds.

Why should you purchase one of our carports? Aluminum and metal carports are cheaper in the long run: Compared to other materials, steel and aluminum carports lasts significantly longer and is therefore cheaper than other materials. They are very easy on the eyes especially with the many robust designs and surface coatings we offer.

If you are looking to buy a carport, aluminum in many cases, you should stop by Alan's Factory Outlet. Our vast selection rivals any competitor and you can purchase any number of carports, aluminum enclosed and open, online and in person.

Alan's Factory Outlet aluminum carports are built in several different styles, sizes and heights to help protect your car, SUV, truck, RV, boat or farm equipment.

Alan's Factory Outlet has free delivery and installation on the metal carports in 27 states in the USA.

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