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12x20 Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, May 4, 2011

12x20 garage

12x20 Garage

The 12x20 garage has wood siding painted light gray with red trim.  All of the garages now come with a steel diamond plate at the entry point as shown in the 12x20 garage in video below.

The wooden garages are standard with pressure treated 3/4 inch floor and pressure treated 12" on center 2x4 joists and 5 p.t. 4x4 foundation runners.

Garages have two 2'x3' slider windows with screens and shutters.  9'x7' insulated garage door and a 3' single door.

When researching what kind of a wood garage to get the first thing you will want to figure out is what size garage do I need.  Most cars are between 16' and 17' long so as a minimum garage I would recommend a 12x20 garage, but for most people a slightly larger 12x24 garage just makes a little more sense because even if your thinking this garage is only for my car in reality you will want at least 4 feet or so for a loft or a work bench to store car related items. 

The next question you will want to ask yourself is do I want a barn style roof or an a-frame roof.  The 12x20 garage is the picture above is a barn style roof and the 12x20 garage video below is an a-frame roof.  The advantage for the barn roof is that it will give you more head room for a loft to store your items.  The appeal for the a-frame is in most cases it will match the roof line of your home better.

Alan's Factory Outlet can build the 12x20 garage with or without a floor depending on your preference.

Instead of a wood garage if you never want to paint it you could get a vinyl garage.

Need a garage for two cars you could either get a 14x40 garage or a 20x20 or 24x24 2 car garage.  The benefit of the 24x24 2 car garage is that your cars are side by side instead of end to end in a 14x40 garage.  All of these size garages can also be turned into a 2 story garage giving you a 2nd level for storage. 

Another option is a metal garage.  Metal garages can be built in a one or two car garage. 

12x20 garage with wood siding painted with main color almond and trim brown.

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