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2 Car Garage Size and Dimensions

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, May 9, 2011

2 Car Garage Size and Dimensions

This video is a 2 car garage in the 24x24 dimension size.  2 car garages are built in many other dimensions.  This 2 car garage is built in vinyl siding.  Garages are also built in wood and board batten siding.

The standard 2 car garage size that is most popular is 24x24.  Alan's Factory Outlet smallest 2 car garages is 20x20.  They can be built up to 40' long in a 24x40 or 28x40 dimensions. 

Alan's Factory Outlet 24x24 2 car garages can also be made with a 2nd level in an a-frame or barn roof.  These 2 story garages give you 8' headroom on the first and 2nd level. 

Sidewall dimensions and peak dimensions for single level and two story 2 car garages

The single level 2 car garage have 8' sidewalls and are approximately 11' at the peak vs the larger size 2 story garages which have 10' sidewalls and are 18' at the peak.

You will want to measure the length of the car you'll be storing in the garage to help you judge how long of a garage you will need.  You will also want to consider how many other items you will want to have in the garage.  Then add that to the space plus you will need at least a foot or two toward the front and back of the car so you don't start running into things, better to have a couple feet to spare than just a couple of inches to spare.

Also plan ahead if you have a compact car and later may want to get a larger vehicle.  The second thing to allocate for is that you will most likely acquire more items and you will want space for that.  The 2 story 2 car garage does allow for future growth of overflow items to go upstairs.

2 car garage dimensions

       24x24 dimension vinyl 2 car garage

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