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Carports For Sale

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Wed, May 11, 2011

carports for sale

Alan's Factory has many different styles and sizes of carports for sale online. There are three roof styles to choose from when looking for a carport for sale. The first style carport is the regular style carport. The above picture shows a regular style carport. The unique characteristic of the regular carports is they have a barn - shaped roof. This car port for sale is shown with both gables closed, 3' taller legs making it an 8' leg as the regular style carports come standard with 5' legs. These carports for sale also have an extra 3' panel of sheeting on both sides. The last option is 4' braces. All of the carports for sale are built with 2' braces on each center bow and on the 4 corners. All of our carports for sale are made with quality materials and can endure many harsh weather conditions. At Alan's Factory Outlet, you can save big on quality metal carports. Sale prices of carports may include free delivery and set up depending on which state you live in.

The second style metal carports for sale is the boxed eave carport. These carports have an a-frame roof pitch and come with 6' legs. Many people buy these carports for their attractive appearance as well as their practicality.

The third style of steel carports for sale is the vertical carport. They also have an a-frame roof except they have one major advantage being the roof sheeting is put on side to side which lets the snow slide off of the roof. The vertical style carport is the only car port for sale which is made for the snow to slide off. Many people who live in areas that get a lot of snowfall have a special appreciation for these metal carports. Sale specs for metal carports are outlined below so you can review them before placing an order.

The regular style and boxed eave carports roof sheeting runs length to length which means if you get a deep snow you will want to get the snow off the roof. One of these two carport styles may be a more suitable purchase for people who live in areas that receive very little snowfall.

Metal Carports For Sale Specs

  • 29 GA roof sheeting
  • 14 GA 2 1/2" galvanized steel tubing
  • Your choice of a roof color and trim color with 13 colors to choose from
  • 2' center and 4 corner braces
  • Free anchoring to the ground, asphalt or concrete
  • 30 day craftsmanship warranty on all metal carports

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