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Wood Pergola Kits

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, May 20, 2011

Wood Pergola Kits

wood pergola kits

Wood Pergola Kits are built with pressure treated wood

The larger pergola kits have 6 post as shown in this picture.  The pergola kits 16' and less in length have only 4 wood posts.  Pergola kits are all precut with hardware and instructions included for an easy assembly process.

Pergola Kits Foundation

You can place the wood pergola kits on any type of foundation you want as long as it is level.  Some ideas are on the grass, concrete slab, asphalt, patio paver's, gravel and a wood deck.

The pergolas are built to just stand right on the ground without being anchored because the wind blows through it however if you prefer you can anchor it to the ground.  The application in which you anchor it will depend on the surface it is being attached to.

Wood Pergola Kit Options

The most popular option is an wood sealer to help protect the wood.  You can always do this yourself and every couple years or so you will want to apply another layer of sealer.

Pergola Kits Lattice

  1. Lattice on top of the pergola.  This gives you a little more shade. 
  2. You can also place a shade or semi privacy lattice on the 4 corners. 
  3. Shade or privacy lattice on one, two or three sides.

What is the difference between the shade and semi privacy lattice?  Here is a picture of the pergola kit lattice options.

wood pergola kits lattice 

Shade Lattice and Semi Privacy Lattice

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