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2 Car Metal Carport

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Aug 25, 2011

2 car metal carport

2 car metal carport is delivered and installed for free to 19 different states in the USA.  The 2 car metal carport comes in a variety of sizes.  The width for the 1 car carport is 12' wide then there is a 18' wide some people call this a 2 car carport but it is a little to narrow to be able to park a car and safely open the doors.  The 18' wide would be fine for a car and a motorcycle or a small tractor.  A small 2 car metal carport would start out at 20' wide then the next size is 22' wide and that a comfortable and most popular 2 car carport is the 24' wide.  

The shortest in length is a 21' long carport which is OK for smaller vehicles but a 26' long would be the way to go if you have a longer truck or if your wanting to have an area on the back end for storage which really comes in handy.  You can make the metal 2 car carport longer in 5' increments.

The metal carport is anchored to the ground, asphalt or concrete for free.  The 2 car carport can be made taller depending on the height of the car or truck your wanting to park under the carport.  The legs get taller in one foot increments with up to 12' legs.  The 12' tall leg makes a great rv carport.

If you need a carport wider than the 2 car carport we also have a triple wide carport and a 40 wide carport.

The carports can be partially enclosed, fully enclosed and turned into a metal garage or let open.

The 2 car carport is custom built in your choice of 13 different colors.

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