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Wood Sheds vs Vinyl Sheds

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sun, Feb 19, 2012

wood sheds virginia

                              Wood Sheds

vinyl sheds va

                               Vinyl Sheds

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make when getting one of the Amish sheds is if you want to go with either the wood sheds or vinyl sheds.  Alan's Factory Outlet wood sheds and vinyl sheds are both built to the same specs as far as the framing construction is concerned which is 16" on center 2"x4" sidewalls and roof rafters.  Both have a plywood interior, pressure treated 4"x4" foundation skids that help make these storage buildings portable.  The wood sheds are currently available in two different lines, standard heavy duty and deluxe heavy duty.  The main difference is the standard wood sheds have a 25 year 3 tab shingle vs the deluxe wood storage sheds that have a 30 year architectural shingles with felt paper.  Again all of the storage buildings have a pressure treated base but the deluxe also have pressure treated 2x4 floor joists where the standard have regular 2x4 floor joists so this means with the deluxe the first 7" of the floor system is pressure treated vs 4" of floor is p.t. on the standard heavy duty wood sheds.  So those are the 3 difference between the wood standard sheds and wood deluxe storage buildings.  The vinyl sheds are all made to the deluxe storage shed specs.

The wood sheds are made with year duratemp T1-11 siding which will require painting every 10 years or so vs the vinyl siding which does not have any wood that needs painting.  The main difference is the siding which on the wood sheds runs vertical up and down and on the vinyl sheds runs horizontal side to side. 

The wood sheds have wood double doors and the vinyl sheds are built with fiberglass doors.  Both of the doors now come with door stoppers to help protect the door along with a lock and 2 keys.

Alan's Factory Outlet Amish built wood sheds and vinyl sheds are on display at 643 West Main St. Luray, Virginia 22835.  The wood storage buildings and vinyl storage buildings are custom built with the door and windows placed in the location you want.  They are delivered for free in 21 local counties in VA.  The sheds are available for delivery in all of Virginia and West Virginia.

Once you figure out the siding you want you will than need to figure out the style and size shed you want.  Here are the wood shed prices and vinyl shed prices showing the styles, sizes and prices.

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