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How Much Does a Metal Carport Cost

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sun, Nov 13, 2011

how much does a metal carport cost

How Much Does a Metal Carport Cost?

The metal carport cost will vary depending on the size and style.  So when someone asks, "How much does a metal carport cost?"  There are three main questions that need to be answered to get an accurate idea on the metal carport cost for each person based on their needs.

3 Metal Carport Cost Factors

  1. The size of the metal carport you buy will effect the carport cost more than anything else.  Of course you don't want to go with a carport to large for what you plan on using it for but you may want to also look into the future and is there a chance that you may get a larger vehicle, boat, motorhome or an extra vehicle or farm equipment.  The same point holds true for making sure the metal carport will properly cover your items.  You will want to first figure out how wide you need the carport to be.  Alan's Factory Outlet metal carports start out at 12' wide.  The other widths available are 18', 20', 22', 24', 26', 28', 30', 32', 34', 36', 38' and 40' wide.  After you get a feel for the width you need you will want to decide on the length.  The shortest length is 21' long followed by 26', 31', 36', 41', 46', 51', 56' and 61'.  You can actually go longer than 61' feet if you need to but the sizes run in 5' increments longer.  The last size configuration you will need to make is the leg height.  The leg heights start out at 5' or 6' height depending on the metal carport style.  You can make the carport taller in 1' increments with up to 12' legs.  One thing to look at is the peak of the carport is going to be taller than the leg height you choose.  So the width, length and height will all help you start to get a picture of how much the metal carport will cost, but without the next two questions answered the exact price will still be unknown.
  2. What style carport you pick will help you find out the metal carport cost.  Alan's Factory Outlet has three different styles of carports.  The styles are regular, boxed eave and vertical style.  The regular style is going to be the metal carport that cost the least amount of money.  The boxed eave and vertical style look the exact same except the roof on the vertical carport is up and down which will allow snow to slide off the roof.  The vertical carport will cost the most but it is definitely the strongest of the three carports.metal carport cost prices
  3. The last thing that will determine the metal carport cost is options.  There are several options such as a thicker 12 ga tubing which gives you a 20 year rust through warranty.  Metal carports can also be fully braced to help make them stronger.  You can also get mobile home anchors, a certified carport, close the sides, close gables or ends and add a garage door to turn the carport into a metal garage.  You could also turn the carport into a metal garage at a later date but a key point to remember that in order to have enough clearance for the garage door on the regular carport the legs can be the same height as the garage door but on the boxed and vertical carports you will need the legs to be one foot taller than the garage door height. 

Alan's Factory Outlet has the metal carport cost for each of the sizes, styles and the option prices listed here:  Metal Carport Prices  This shows you the metal garage cost:  Metal Garage Prices  At the bottom of the price page there is a free online carport and metal garage price quote form you can fill out to get a carport price quote.                                                                  

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