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Metal Garage Price Compared to Metal Carport Price

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Nov 26, 2011

Metal Garage Price Compared to Metal Carport Price

metal carport priceThe carport price is going to be more economical when compared to the fully enclosed metal garage but the carport will only give you roof top coverage where the metal garage price is more due to the fact that that not only is the roof covered but both sides and both ends are covered with a garage door on one end.  If you don't need full protection from the sun and weather or theft than the carport would be the way to go but if you need total protection from the elements than investing a little more today can help save you money in the long run from the metal garage that will help protect your valuable items.

metal garage priceOne other option that some of our clients have done is go with a metal carport now to save money and down the road you can close the sides and ends and add a garage door later when the funds become available.  Two things to keep in mind if you want to go this route is you will need to make sure the leg height on the carport is tall enough for the garage door to fit later.  The regular style carports can be the same height as the garage door height while the 2 other styles boxed eave and vertical carport leg height will need to be one foot taller than the garage door height.  The carports and metal garage price includes free delivery and installation to 27 states in the USA.

Now to the metal garage price and the metal carport price.  For comparison purposes we will go with the smallest size carport and metal garage we have.  The metal carport price and metal garage price is the current price and subject to change without notice and prices may vary in certain locations due to construction specs required in some locations.

The metal carports and metal garages are built in many larger sizes of wider and longer metal buildings.

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