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Residential Metal Garages

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Dec 9, 2011

residential metal garages

     Residential Metal Garages

The residential metal garages can be built on a cement pad, asphalt or on gravel.  The key point is that you have a level area so the garage doors on the residential garage door can open and close properly.  The great thing about the residential metal garages at Alan's Factory Outlet is that they are built on site in one day so you don't have a long drawn out building process.  They are custom built in the exact size you require and are built in three different roof styles called the regular style, boxed eave and vertical roof residential metal garages. 

The residential metal garages come standard with the ends and sides metal sheeting horizontal the above picture was custom built the sides vertical.  Another unique feature that this residential metal garage has is that is all one color.  You can also make the trim and sides a different color than the roof or all the same color your choice out of 13 paint colors.  The star on the residential metal garage was installed by the customer.

These residential metal garages are delivered and installed for free in 27 different states in the US.  They are professionally installed by Carolina Carports

You can take a look at the residential metal garage prices in some of the select states.  If your state is not listed here you can locate your state for the exact metal garage prices here.

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