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Modular 2 Story Garage Kits Delivered in 2 Sections

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Dec 2, 2011

Check out our Modular 2 Story Garage Kits video of half of a 24x24 barn roof 2 story garage. The 2nd half of the modular 2 story garage kit is delivered, then the two modular halves are bolted together, the roof is raised, and you have a 2 story garage finished in approximately 3-5 hours after the 2nd half is delivered, giving you an easy turnkey Amish built 2 story garage from one of the modular garage kits. Order one of our prefabricated garage kits online to get the process started. Before purchasing, there are a couple questions a buyer should ask themselves:

What kind of site prep is required by the customer for the modular 2 story garage kits?

Clearance for the truck and trailer and half of the garage to be delivered and backed into the location. Leaving enough room for the modular garage kits makes it easy to take care of installation.

How much clearance is need for the 2 story garage to be delivered?

For example, let's say you're getting a 24x24 modular 2 story garage kit: It is delivered in 2 12x24 sections, so we will need 14' high clearance and 14' wide clearance, if it is a straight back in delivery to the location; as the truck and trailer is approx. 52' long, so we will also need at least 50' in front of the garage to back the garage into place.

Foundation needed for the 2 story garage kits?

Most customers either get the modular 2 story garage kit without a floor and place it on a concrete pad or they get it with a reinforced floor and place in on a gravel foundation. Both options are available when you buy one of the prefabricated garage kits, including the 24x24 garage kit.

Here is a picture showing how one half of the 2 story garage kits are delivered.

2 story garage kits

The trailer tilts up and the modular garage kit just slides off into place where you want it.

Alan's Factory Outlet's modular 2 story garage kits for sale are delivered throughout Virginia and West Virginia. The 2 story garage kits are built in wood, vinyl and board batten siding and also available in a single level 2 car garage. The garages are also built in a 1 car garage. Another type of garage that is not delivered in a modular section but 100% in a kit form that is built on site are the metal garage kits, which are delivered in 27 states in the USA. Order today and save on your purchase of a 24x24 garage kit.

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