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LVL Header Option on 2 Story Garage and 2 Car Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Thu, Dec 15, 2011

This video shows you the standard 4 2"x10" 14' wide header between the two half's of the 2 car garage and the 2 story garage.  The optional 20' wide LVL header is also shown so you can see the difference of the standard 14' header and the upgraded 20' LVL header.  LVL is the abbreviation for laminated veneer lumber which is engineered to give you a wider span of 20' wide vs the traditional 14' wide opening achieved with the 4 2x10's.

One of the most common questions we get at Alan's Factory Outlet about the wood, vinyl and board batten 2 car garage that is not so easily explained is what is a LVL Header so that is why we've created this video and blog to help show you what a LVL header looks like and the benefit it provides. 

Two reasons you may not want to get the 20' LVL header and just stick with the standard 14' header

  1. The standard 14' opening is free and so you may not want to invest anymore money in the 2 car garage or 2 story garage
  2. The 14' opening will leave you will more wall space on the front and back ends of both half's and some people actually prefer this and utilize this space by putting up shelves or hanging items on this area.

Still others want more of an open look in the 2 car garage and if that is you than you may want to think about getting your garage with a LVL header.

2 story garage 2 car standard 14 foot header

14' standard header on 2 story 2 car garage and single level 2 car garage

20 foot lvl header in 2 car garage

20' LVL header optional on the 2 car garage and 2 story 2 car garage

Please feel free to share some of the advantages of going with either the standard 14' wide opening vs the optional 20' wide LVL header that you may have.

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