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Metal Carport Designs: Regular, Boxed Eave and Vertical Carports

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, May 25, 2012

Alan's Factory Outlet metal carports are made in 3 different carport designs. Depending on your needs, these carports offer partial or complete coverage to protect your belongings. All carport designs are built with strong, lasting materials. After learning which style will work for you, place an order online with our easy, fast process to save time and money.

carport designs

                      Regular carport design

The regular style metal carport designs are made in the barn roof which is rounded on the sides. This is built with excellent protection from natural disasters and is the perfect metal carport design for the buyer looking for both basic protection and a price that is budget-friendly.

boxed eave metal carports design

                    Boxed eave metal carports

The boxed eve carport has an a-frame roof design which also provides a 6" overhang on the sides and ends. This metal carport design has an entire closed off wall that gives extra protection from wind and dirt.

vertical metal garages side entry

Lastly, is the top-end of the three carport designs that offers it all. This is a fully enclosed carport with a vertical roof made as a metal garage with the garage doors on the side and vertical sides and ends which are both optional as an upgrade. The garage doors are shown with a Dutch cut design. This metal carport design not only offers protection from natural elements, but with complete enclosure it keeps your belongings safe from outside intruders.

The same 3 metal carport designs are available on the metal garages.

When going with a carport design the regular and boxed eave are equally strong but more of a preference on which style roof line you like better.

The strongest of the three carport designs is the vertical due to the cross bracing so the metal can be attached to the roof along with the advantage of the rain and snow sliding off of the side. The vertical is the style that works best with gutters.

vertical metal carport garage roof

Under the roof look at the vertical metal garage and metal carport designs.

All carport designs are for sale and can be purchased online. The metal carport prices and metal garage prices are shown to get an idea of the kind of budget needed to buy a metal building. Keep in mind the metal buildings are delivered and installed in 27 states in the USA. Before a pre-built carport is delivered a big enough place needs to be cleared and prepared. Once your favorite metal carport design is delivered, no further work is needed as it is ready to be used and enjoyed!   

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