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Floorless 2 Story 2 Car Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Jun 1, 2012

floorless 2 story garage
                    24x24 barn 2 story 2 car garage (Floorless 2 Story Garage)

The 2 story garages are built with or without a floor and are the same price either way.  If you go with a floor they 24x24 size 2 story 2 car garage floor will be made with 10 4"x4" runners that go the full length of the garage and these foundation skids stay on the garage after it is delivered.  On top of them are pressure treated 2"x4" floor joists that run opposite of the 4"x4" runners and than the 3/4" plywood floor is attached to the 2"x4" floor joists.  If you go the floorless route instead of the 4"x4" skids your 2 story building will be constructed with a pressure treated 6"x6" base around the perimeter and 8 tow hooks which are used to transport it and they stay attached to the 4 corners of each half when the prefab garages are delivered.  There are also 6"x6" framing joists that are temporary used to help tie the two half's together so the floorless garage can be delivered and they are taken out on site along with the 6"x6" post at the base of the garage that is cut out on site.  The one advantage to go with a garage without a floor besides having a cement slab is you will get about 7" more head room on the 1st floor if you don't get the garage made with a floor.

2 story building without a floor

                      24x24 barn 2 story building without a floor placed on a cement slab

The 2 story buildings are built by the Amish in the factory and delivered in two sections with the roof hinged.  The roof is raised once it is delivered and each half is bolted together.  There are several siding options such at wood siding garages, vinyl siding garages and board batten pine garages.

Alan's Factory Outlet prefab 2 story garages are delivered and setup for free in 21 local Counties in Virginia and West Virginia.  Delivery is available in all of VA and WV.

Floorless 2 Story Garage Base Dimensions

  • Please make sure you get the exact base dimensions on the 2 story garage your getting as the width is from roof overhang to roof overhang due to hauling requirements but the length of the garage base will be exact.  For example on a 24x24 floorless 2 story garage or with a floor the exact base size is 274" wide by 24' long.  We recommend making the cement slab the exact size of the base to help minimize moisture from coming underneath the base.  It is also a good idea caulk the inside and outside base if you get a building without a floor.

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