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Wood Garden Shed Kits

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Aug 11, 2012

Wood Garden Shed Kits at Alan's Factory Outlet

wooden garden shed kit

                                  Wood siding 4' mini barn garden shed kit

The wood garden shed kits are custom built in several different styles and sizes.  They are painted with your choice of a main color, trim color, shutter color and shingle color.  The garden shed kit prices and garden shed kit colors are shown on the Alan's Factory Outlet website to help you decide what size, style and color is best for you.

The great thing about the shed kits is that they are all precut so this saves you time by not having to take the time to cut each individual section to the precise size.  The four walls are also already constructed for a quicker assembly time once the storage building kit arrives to your location.  The 4"x4" floors with the 2"x4" floor joists are attached when you get it.  The roof trusses are pre made so they just need to be nailed to the top plate of the walls.  A 1/2" of plywood is provided for the roof and a bundle of shingles are waiting for you or your contractor to attach them. 

The garden sheds are also built fully assembled if you have enough room for a truck and trailer to deliver it into your backyard.  If there is not enough space than the shed kit to the rescue as a way to get the same Amish built construction in a kit form.

Some different ways you can use a garden storage building 

  • Of course as the name says to store garden supplies
  • A place to store a mower, weed eater and other lawn equipment
  • Tired of having those chemicals under the sink, you can store them away from the home in a shed
  • Potting shed
  • Hook up some electric with lights and an air conditioner for the summer months or a heater during the winter months and turn the garden structure into a retreat area for you to relax, read or pray.
  • Need a hobby room but don't have enough space in your home for one a shed can be turned into a hobby room such as a wood working shop, game room or place to work on those mechanical projects.

There are many other ways to use a garden structure but these are jut a few that come to mind.

Alan's Factory Outlet wood garden shed kits are delivered for free in 21 local counties in Virginia and West Virginia with delivery available statewide in VA and WV.

Options to consider adding to your shed kit or build yourself after you install it.  The floor is about 7" off of the ground so if you have a riding mower you will want to have a ramp to help drive into it.  Shelfing or a loft depending on the style of building you have can be helpful to maximize your space.  If you plan on storing some really heavy items in this shed you will want to reinforce the floor.  The 2 ways to do this is to make the floor joists closer together 12" on center instead of the standard 16" O.C. distance this would need to be done at the time you order your shed kit.  Another option would be to make the floor thicker with 3/4" plywood floor vs the 5/8" plywood floor that it comes with.  You could also put down additional plywood down yourself at a latter date if your needs change down the road.  If your floor will be getting wet often you will want to do one of 2 things.  You could put down a water sealer on the plywood floor or you could upgrade to a pressure treated floor.  An extra single or double door and additional windows are a few other options.

Since the shed kits are custom built once you buy, you get to pick the location of the doors and windows.

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