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Gable Roof Shed vs Gambrel Roof Shed

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Sep 8, 2012

Gable roof shed vs gambrel roof shed

Alan's Factory Outlet Amish built sheds are constructed several different roof lines but the 2 most popular roofs are the gable roof which is an a-frame style and the gambrel roof which is a barn style building.

Here is a picture of both the these style roofs.

gable roof shed

                          Gable roof shed

gambrel roof shed

                           Gambrel roof shed  

Both of the above storage sheds are made in wood t1-11 siding however the structures are built in few different siding options such as wood sheds, vinyl sheds and board batten sheds.

The gable roof sheds are made in 2 different styles if a-frame roofs.  The first is the a-frame shed which has approximately 7' outside walls from the outside of the ground to the roof line.  The other gable style shed is a high wall a-frame.  The only different is the high wall gable a-frame is made 1' taller with approximately 8' outside walls. 

The gambrel roof shed are also built in 2 styles of sheds.  The 4' mini barn has approx. 4' walls from the ground to the roof line and the dutch barn is basically just a 2' 6" taller version with approx. 6' 6" sidewalls.

What are the advantages of the gable and gambrel roofs

  • Gable a-frame roofs in most cases will match the roof of you home as most houses are built in a gable manner.
  • The 4' mini gambrel barn from a price stand point is the most economical shed we have but at the same time gives you the least amount of head room.
  • The gambrel dutch barn will provide the most loft space for maximum storage which makes it one of the most popular styles for storage space and will give you the most value for you money if space is your number one priority.
  • High wall gable a-frame will not giving you the most loft space does give you the most shelving space and sidewall space if you have something real tall that would need to be placed on a sidewall.

Another roof line that is a variation of the gable roof is the hip roof shed which on the sides is a gable built the exact same way as the gable but the difference is the ends also come in to meet the roof line.  Here is a picture of the hip shed which will do a better job of explaining what is looks like.

amish built hip roof gable shed

                       Hip roof shed

The hip roof shed is a great choice if you have a hip roof on your home and want the shed to match.  

Picking the correct roof line for your preferences and needs is usually one of the first steps you will make when buying a shed. 

Another option you will want to make to make sure it that the shingles on the shed match the ones on your home.  Most people when the are ordering their shed usually can pretty easily pick the main color and trim color of the shed to match their house but from some reason many times can't remember the color of the roof a guess because the roof is something you don't look at directly everyday so getting a good look at your shingles is a good idea before buying your shed.

Here are the wood shed colors and vinyl shed colors to get an idea at the colors available when your purchasing the building.

Please keep in mind the colors on the website are not exact but just there to give you an idea of the colors we have.  You will want to take a look at the colors on the wall in the office for the exact colors.

I hope this blog about the gable roof sheds vs gambrel roof sheds was able to shed some light on the 2 different roof lines available on the storage buildings at Alan's Factory Outlet.

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