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Cost to Build a Garage

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sat, Oct 13, 2012

Figuring out the Cost to Build a Detached Garage

The cost to build a garage will vary greatly depending on a number of factors.  The 3 most important factors are the size of the garage, the style of the garage and the siding of the garage your looking for.

Lets start off with the siding of the garages available at Alan's Factory Outlet because that is the first step sometimes you will want to take if you have your heart set on a certain type of siding to save you time from looking at all of the sidings, but we will cover each of the garage sidings along with the price differences associated with each of them.

Cost to build a garage with 1 being the most affordable and 5 the most expensive option

  1. Metal garage cost is the most economical of all the garages, the metal garages are built on site and only come without a floor.
  2. Wood garage cost comes in 2nd place from a price the are modular garages and are delivered to your location fully assembled and are made with or without a floor.
  3. Vinyl garage price is in the middle of the pack when we look at the garage cost but they don't have to be painted like the wood garages and are also fully built prefab garages and can be constructed with a floor or with no floor.
  4. Pine Board batten garage cost is in 4th place but have the honors of being the thickest siding coming in at 1" eastern white pine siding and also have the thickest floor of all of the garages which is a 2"x8" tongue and groove plank floor or it can be delivered without a floor depending on your needs.
  5. Cedar board batten price is the most expensive garage of all due to the western incense cedar as the siding used.  Definitely not cheap but the smell and long lasting qualities of the cedar siding make it worthy of a look for some people who have their mind set on a cedar garage.

Once you decide which one or two types of siding to go with you'll want to begin to calculate the size of the garage you need.  If your replacing an existing garage than it is really easy just measure how wide and long the garage is and than estimate is it the right size for you or could you use a slightly larger or smaller garage building.  If you don't have a garage currently than it will create a little bit more of an imagination you could start with a size measure it off with a tape measure and if you storing a car or truck inside of the garage pull that into the area you just marked off and than if you going to put a mower or other equipment inside of it you can put that inside the marked off garage size area and start walking around and see if you have enough room to maneuverer around inside the garage to get an idea of a size you want.  Sometimes you may have a whole room full of boxes or Christmas or holiday supplies taking up a bedroom of your home, if this is the case you would want to calculate the square footage of this bedroom and add that sq/ft to the size of the garage.  One piece of advise on the size that I get from many of the repeat customers is they wish they would of got a little bit of a bigger size shed or garage.

cost to build a detached 2 car garage

                                             Vinyl 2 car single level garage 20x24 size

Discovering the square footage of the detached garage is very important because if you get it wrong you will than have a garage that does not fully meet your needs but at the same time the cost to build a garage goes up as you increase in the square footage of the garage so you don't want to get too large of a building.  The size of the garage is a balancing act between saving money and getting a structure that will be able work for you.

The are one car garages and two car garages in the single level are available in all of the siding options.  The Amish built 2 story garages are available in the wood, vinyl and board batten siding garages.

The last step and the part that is most open to personal taste is the style of the garage.  The steel garages come in 3 different styles of a regular style which is the most cost efficient, boxed eave style and a vertical style designed for the snow or rain to slide off of the roof but is the most costly of the styles.

The wood, vinyl, board batten and cedar garages are built in either an a-frame or barn roof and are the same price which ever way you go.

Please feel free to share this with anyone you know looking for the cost of a garage.

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