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10 Ways to Transform Your Backyard with Buildings

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Sun, Jan 27, 2013

Discover 10 Ways to Transform Your Backyard with a Building at Alan's Factory Outlet

1) One of the most relaxing ways on the list is to put a gazebo in your backyard.  The Amish built gazebo is delivered fully assembled in Virginia and West Virginia.  They are made in pressure treated wood or vinyl.  Many different sizes and styles with options such as screens or benches to name a few.  Here is a picture of a vinyl rectangle gazebo with optional screens and ivory vinyl color.  Other sizes such as oval an octagon gazebos for your backyard are available.backyard gazebo








                                  Ivory Vinyl Rectangle Gazebo            

2) If you live outside of Virginia and West Virginia or lets say you do not have enough room for a fully assembled gazebo to be delivered into your backyard we do have wood and vinyl gazebo kits that are available in the oval and octagon styles which are delivered nationwide in the USA.  Here is a picture of a diy gazebo kit a customer put together and placed on their deck.

do it yourself gazebo kit










  Do it yourself gazebo kit installed by customer on wooden deck

3)  Another product similar to the gazebo but doesn't have a fully enclosed roof is a pergola.  The Amish built pergola kits are made in wood and vinyl materials with 4 or 6 posts depending on the size and have a shaded roof.  The pergolas make a nice transitional area in your backyard to divide one area from another or you could even make the pergola the focal point of the yard.

Here is a customer who used to go on top of a brick patio and put table and chairs underneath it as a place to enjoy a nice home cooked meal.

wood pergola kit on brick patio

                                      Wood Pergola Kit

4)  Looking for a rustic looking shed?  The board and batten garden sheds could be just what your looking for.  They are made with 1" thick eastern white pine siding with board and batten between each of the panels. 

The floor system on the board batten sheds are the strongest of all of the storage buildings floors available at Alan's Factory Outlet.  It is built with 2"x6" plank wood floor with 4"x4" pressure treated joists and 4"x4" pt foundation skids.

board batten backyard garden sheds

                        Dormer Board Batten Garden Shed

5)  Have a home made with vinyl siding and want a vinyl storage building to match it.  There is a full line of Amish built vinyl sheds.  The vinyl siding on the exterior is 4" dutch lap vinyl siding which has a limited lifetime warranty.  The interior on the buildings in 1/2" plywood with a 5/8" plywood floor.

The vinyl structures all come with fiberglass double doors.  The one big advantage and why many people like to go with the vinyl buildings is that they do not require any painting.

vinyl siding sheds

                            Vinyl Siding Storage Buildings

6)  The most popular of the Amish built structures are the wood storage buildings which are also the most affordable of the Amish made buildings.  They have 1/2" T1-11 siding called Duratemp siding which has a 25 year warranty.  Now just because it is 25 year warranty siding doesn't mean you will want to wait 25 years to paint it.  The average paint it is approximately 10 years and this kind of varies slightly depending on if it is in the direct sunlight maybe a little sooner or if it is shaded you may get a little more time between painting.

At Alan's Factory Outlet we do not use any osb which stands for oriented strand board but all of the sheds and barns are made with a plywood interior.  It is true that osb is slightly less money but I have personally seen too many times where a shed made with osb has started rotting out because the osb absorbs water and than doesn't go back to as close as the orginal size as real plywood.  One of the goals is to provide the most value for our customers so this means the best quality products for a fair price and getting a structure that is made to last a lifetime vs saving a few dollars by cutting back on some of the critical materials is not the best long term buying decision.

backyard wood storage buildings

                             Backyard wood storage buildings

7)  A different type of product that is built on site are the metal carports.  The metal carports are made with 14 ga steel tubing and 29 ga metal sheeting.  They offer a place full shade on the roof and the sides are open for air flow.  They can be partially or fully enclosed to meet your design specs.  The carports are delivered to your house in a kit and put together by the team of professional installers with most size steel car ports being set up in a day or half a day if not a few hours.

The carports come in 13 different colors with your choice of roof and trim color.  The carports are delivered and installed to over half of the nation in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

In this car port picture the customer closed in the back section keep some items out of the weather and secured in a locked in area.

metal car port with enclosed section

       Metal car port with enclosed 5' section on back end

8)  Want a fully enclosed metal building, the metal garage will fit the bill for this backyard building solution.  It is made in a variety of widths, length, leg heights with many different sizes of garage doors to choose from.

steel garage building

                                    Metal 2 car garage

9) A type of building that is used for horses has also become a popular choice for storing wood or other items under the run in area and this structure can be used for many other items including horses, ponies, donkeys, cows and tractors to name a couple of reasons people will opt for a horse barn building.

 horse barn structure

                       Shed row horse barn with run in shed

10)  We've saved the biggest building for last and that is the two story two car garage.  With two buildings attached side by side and with the stairway leading up to the 2nd level you could say this is like 2 buildings in one.

2 story 2 car garage barn

                Wood 24x24 2 story 2 car garage with barn roof

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