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Double Carport Size, Style and Prices

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, Mar 5, 2013

Looking for information about the Double Carport Price and Size?

A question many people ask is how much is the double carport.  Driving down the road you may recall seeing a sign on a carport that says double carport.  Usually the size of the steel carport kits for sale with those signs on them is a 18x21 size carport.  A lot of times if someone is wanting to get a double carport they want to park two cars underneath the carport and for most people especially if it is going to be used on a daily basis you will want to go with a slightly wider size.  If you just need enough space for a car and a motorcycle or a car and a mower than the 18' wide should work fine but many times it is a car and SUV or car and truck which can create a situation where you end up hitting the car door on the other vehicle or on the vertical upright steel carport tubing.

For two smaller compact cars a better size double carport I would recommend would be 20x21.  If you are wanting to make the carport fully enclosed with two garages doors then the 20x21 is the most narrow size of the steel garages that have two garage doors.

The next larger size double carport is the 22x21 which provides that little bit of extra room.  The largest of double carport is the 24x21 which is great if you have two larger vehicles or just want extra room so you don't have to worry about the door paint being chipped.

One other way is to get more space is to go with a longer size carport.  The carport length run longer by 5' increments so 26' long is the next longer size, than 31' long etc.  This is nice if you have a really long truck or if your getting a steel garage and want to have a few extra feet of storage space for shelving or car supplies that extra 5' is really helpful.

Another option is to get a double carport and enclose a shed area in the back end for enclosed storage like shown in this picture.

double wide carport with enclosed shed

As you can see the metal carports can be used to store a variety of items besides a car or truck.

Here is a list of the metal carport sizes and prices.  Once you decide on the size you will want to figure out which style carport you want.

Double Carport Styles

regular style carport

                                                Regular Style Roof (Rounded Roof)

boxed eave carport

Boxed Eave Style Roof (A-frame roof but metal sheeting goes length of building meaning if you get a heavy snow it would not slide off so you would need to push the snow off of the roof)

vertical style carport

Vertical Style Roof (Looks just like boxed eave style with a-frame roof but look at roof closely and you will notice the metal roof sheeting goes up and down to help snow slide off)

When you are figuring out the style of the steel carport or steel garage you may want decide on the budget you have as the regular is the most affordable and the boxed eave is priced in the middle and the vertical is the strongest but the most costly of the 3 styles because in order to make the roof sheeting go up and down on the roof cross bracing have to be attached underneath the roof to attach the roof sheeting.

All of the metal carports come standard with 6' legs and you can make them taller in 1' levels taller.  Do you want to partially enclose the carport or leave it open?  Do you need blue print drawings for your permit process if so you will want to make sure you make it certified as the certified metal buildings come with blue print drawings. 

Other options to think about are going with a thicker 12 ga tubing which has a 20 year rust through warranty vs the standard 14 ga tubing which doesn't carry any warranty.

If the carport is going on the ground it is anchored for free to the ground with rebar.  Want a little extra strength against the wind you may want to add 4 mobile home anchors putting one in each corner.

The Alan's Factory Outlet double carports for sale are delivered and installed for free to over half the Nation in 27 States in the USA.

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