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Carport Canopy, Metal Carports with Steel Framing

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Fri, Apr 19, 2013

Carport Canopy Metal Carports

Alan's Factory Outlet carport canopy come in 3 different styles of metal carports.  You get to choice between the regular carport, boxed eave carport and vertical roof carport.

The regular carport canopies have a rounded roof line and are the only carport that has a barn shaped roof.  This carport provides the most head room because of the rounded roof for example the 6' leg is measured 6' at the bottom of the bend and at the top of the bend it is 1' taller 7' at the top of the bend.  The other two styles do not come with this bonus foot.  Another factor that makes the regular metal canopy attractive is that it cost less when compared vs the other 2 styles.

The boxed eave carport has an a-frame roof.  A couple of reasons to consider the boxed canopy is that it may match your home better because most homes have a gable roof line.  There is also a 6" overhang on the sides.

metal carport canopy

                                                                Vertical Roof Carport Canopy

The strongest carport canopy is the vertical carport which at first glance looks just like the boxed with one major difference and that is on the vertical metal carport the roof sheeting goes up where the roof sheeting on the boxed and regular carports and metal garages sheeting goes with the length of the structure.  Another fact that helps make the vertical the strongest is that the only way the roof sheeting can be attached to the roof is by having cross braces which in return make the roof even stronger.  If you are planning on adding gutters or if you live in an area prone to getting heavy snow storms it may be worth investing a little more for peace of mind as the snow tends to slide off of the vertical metal buildings.

The most popular reason people get a carport canopy is to protect their car, truck, boat or RV motor home from the weather, sun powerful rays, snow, ice, hail or falling branches from above trees.

The metal carports are custom built in a wide variety of sizes including width and length insure you will have enough space for all of the items your planing on storing under the carport canopy.  You get to pick the leg height on the steel framing carports.

The sides can be left open, partially closed or fully closed.  You can close the gables and the ends if you need more of a closed in area.  You can also fully enclose the carport and turn it into a metal garage by add garage doors, walk in doors and windows.

The steel framing comes standard with 14 ga tubing.  You can upgrade to a thicker 12 ga steel tubing which has a 20 year rust through warranty. 

The roof sheeting on the carport canopies comes with 29 ga metal sheeting that has a baked enamel finish.  The width on the sheeting comes in 3' wide sections.

Another question you will want to decide is if you need a certified carport.  The certified metal buildings come with blue print drawings.  The uncertified carports do not come with drawings so if the location you live requires blue print drawings you will need to make sure you buy the carport certified.

The metal carport canopy is delivered and installed to over half of the nation in the USA.  The one key requirement we have is that the area the carport is being placed on is level or within 3 to 4 inches level.

Here are the metal carport prices for you to look at on each of the different sizes and styles of carport canopy buildings. 

You can order your carport by calling Alan at Alan's Factory Outlet or if you prefer you can order the carport online right now at the Alan's Factory Outlet store.

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