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The 5 Best Live Christmas Trees

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Mon, Dec 3, 2018


Do you have your heart set on getting a real Christmas tree this year? If so, there are a lot of trees to choose from, and they're all beautiful in their own way. Take a closer look at the five most popular live Christmas trees to pick the type that's best for you.

Douglas Fir

The Advantages

The sweet fragrance of this tree is one of the many reasons why it's such a popular Christmas tree. Also, the Douglas fir lasts a lengthy four weeks, great if you like to keep your tree up past New Year's Day. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, it will be especially easy to find a Douglas fir for Christmas. Of course, these trees are sent eastward and sold across the country, too.


The Douglas fir is a very big tree, so it wouldn't be suitable for a small apartment or a small space in a house.

Blue Spruce


The silver blue color of a blue spruce makes it a favorite in many households around Christmas time. Also, the branches of this tree have an upward tilt, which makes hanging ornaments especially easy. I think the branches of the blue spruce give it a unique look.


One downside of a blue spruce is that its needles tend to start to fall off sooner than other types of trees. Also, this tree only lasts about two weeks in its stand, and the needles give off an unpleasant odor when crushed.

Fraser Fir


A Fraser fir can hold onto its needles for a long time when it's properly watered and kept away from heating vents. Just make sure the family dog doesn't use your Christmas tree stand as a second water bowl! The needles of this tree have a coating that makes them shine under your Christmas tree lights. A Fraser fir usually lasts for about five weeks and gives off a lovely fragrance. This tree is slender, making it especially suitable for small rooms or a small area within a room.


A Fraser fir doesn't have the fullness of a Douglas fir and is shorter. Some people prefer a tree with a denser collection of branches.

Norway Spruce


Looking for a cone-shaped, medium-sized Christmas tree? If so, go with a Norway spruce. This tree gives off a subtle scent and features deep green needles.


This tree loses its needles fairly easily if someone brushes by it or it's shaken in its stand.

Balsam Fir


One of the most notable advantages of getting a balsam fir is its traditional Christmas tree shape. It lasts a long time after being cut and has a beautiful scent that lingers around its deep green needles.


Though the scent of this tree is beautiful, it is very strong, which may not be a plus in some households.

I hope these facts are helpful as you make a decision on a Christmas tree for this year. By the way, don't forget to recycle your tree when you decide to move it out of the house. Your beautiful Christmas tree can be helpful to the environment after making your Christmas celebration all the more special.

Thanks for reading. - Alan

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