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The She Shed Saga: The Man-Cave for Women!

Posted by Alan Bernau Jr on Tue, Aug 25, 2015


You probably know what a "man cave" is, but have you ever heard of a "she shed"? Recently, dozens of she sheds have begun popping up on Pinterest. A she shed is a place where a woman can go when she needs a break from a noisy household. I looked into this growing trend and found a lot of cozy and luxurious she sheds that I wouldn't mind relaxing in myself. Like with a man cave, a woman can decorate her she shed in any way that suits her fancy. Here's a closer look at she sheds.

She Shed Designs of All Kinds

A she shed made of glass windows would be the perfect retreat for a woman who wants to lay on a comfortable daybed and gaze out at the trees, birds, and flowers all around her. The most popular she sheds have plenty of windows, creating an airy atmosphere inside the structure. I noticed that lots of she sheds have a front porch with a railing. I think a front porch makes the structure look more like a miniature house than a shed. Sheds that look like small cottages complete with a gable roof design are also popular. Regardless of its design, I suggest creating a path of natural stone or gravel that leads up to your shed. A path makes a she shed seem all the more like the ultimate retreat from the world.

Should I Buy a Shed or Build One?

If you decide you want a she shed, you can either buy one or build one. Of course, building a shed would require an investment of both your money and time. You'd need a collection of tools for the job as well as the necessary pieces of lumber. This is a great option if you're an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer. But buying a shed is easier, and there are many designs to choose from. I have plenty of appealing options for she sheds available in my inventory. You would have the peace of mind of knowing that your well-built shed is made of quality materials.

Décor Ideas for a She Shed

Some she sheds look like elegantly decorated rooms, while others have a simple décor with lots of colorful throw pillows and beanbag chairs. Some women like to create décor based on a color. I saw one shed with a blue theme. It had a comforter in midnight blue on the daybed, baby blue curtains hanging in the windows, and a comfortable chair covered in navy blue fabric. The owner even had a window box filled with blue petunias. I also found a shed with a cat theme. There was a poster of a cat on the wall, curtains decorated with playful kittens, and a throw blanket with a cat design on it. Just like in a man cave, women like to include favorite items in their she sheds. Painting your shed is an idea for a woman who wants to improve the look of the outside of her shed. It's easy to do, and there are plenty of weather-resistant paints available.

Other fun items for a she shed might include:

  • A mini refrigerator for drinks and snacks
  • Prints, photos, and other artwork for the walls
  • A cold water dispenser
  • A large potted plant
  • Goldfish in a small tank

Have a good time decorating a she shed that will surely become your go-to place for relaxation. Thanks for reading. - Alan

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